James Le Mesurier OBE - found dead

I met him in Jerusalem briefly in early 2003. Seemed like a serious character. I asked him whether he was related to Sergeant Wilson and he nodded.
By chance I was camping a klick away from one of the border crossing points of the evacuation he coordinated for white helmet personnel from Syria to Israel to Jordan, not all that long ago...
The noise of the IDF UAV spoiled the peace of the early hours.
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General Sir Nick Carter said a few words about his friend James Le Mesurier on Radio 4* this morning.
Sorry, I haven't found a transcript.

*I had given up on BBC radio until a couple of nights ago I started using an old radio again.
I listened to a program on BBC Radio 4 called "Last Word" (stitcher.com) by Matthew Bannister on Nov 15. General Sir Nick Carter spoke about James. He valued him very much. One of my sons was at RMAS at the same time and knew him. As the mother of 3 Veterans I feel rather sad that 2 months after his death there is still no news. I am sure his family would want to lay him to rest as I would want if it was one of my sons. It will be 2 months tomorrow since his body was repatriated.

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