JAMES Land with Weapons & Instruments

Discussion in 'REME' started by Gun_Doc, Jul 29, 2012.

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  1. Gents,

    Anyone out there using JAMES Land for Weapons yet? Need a heads up on the training, the team is coming to introduce it in Sep and we all have to have our relevent training completed, however, starting the Repair Manager modules it's 100% vehicle based. Do I have to do the 50 odd modules to get a tick in the box only for it to mean nothing when the weapons are uploaded?
  2. It is ******* pump. You will do many hour upon hour in how to make red a challenger and name the crew???, or loan a warrior to Germany however if you want to know how to do weapons on the trg section you are a better man than me if you can find it. I had to do Snr Eqpt Mgr and what a piece of tonk, can't remember anything and it took me about a ******* year to complete in between real work!! The only time I touch vehs is to make the Trimble/drives system go red. Wait until you have MJDI then try working whilst updating big brother. Hope that helps ;-z
  3. Most of the principles are the same, although weapons are listed as inventory items. You still use the same process for Work Requests (1045) and fault creation.

    Suck up the trg, It's **** but you only have to do it once.
  4. All modules required - it's ******* ****! :)

    It will mean loads when the weapons are uploaded; C0351 completed normally then add an extra few hours work on a DII terminal/JAMES to bung all the reports on the system. Then the same again for the sights... :)
  5. What they said, the training is ******* endless and some of the modules do seem to be totally pointless. but the best thing is that once you have spent **** knows how many hours of blagging your way through a load of shit you wont have to do to get the user role you require, you then re-learn it for what YOU require the use of it for. JAMEs is ok once you get used to it, but sometimes it acts the **** and plays up, which can be fun when you are trying to sort something out for someone at last minute dot com or trying to close a job down and pissing about trying to change simple faults etc.
  6. Cheers chaps, as I predicted. I'm 2 assessments in to my Repair Manager training, Bn want me to do Level 1 repairer as well but that’s surely servicing bay etc?

    My Fire Support Company alone has 890 items with a maintenance event, so does that mean I have to enter every MEI/ repair individually or can you drop down and select on multiple items?
  7. The trg is pump as said but, the more modules you do, it seems to knock off other modules in other roles, prob the only plus. Like said earlier suck it up as you only do it once, I even did the administrator role, now that is fekking pumpingly dull!
  8. I would imagine the reason they want you to do level 1 repairer is because being they are expecting you to sort everything to with the weapons on JAMES, so forecasting inspections and any other bone shit you lot do, like annual flash eliminator change and dusting of foresights... etc!

    As to your second query, i would imagine it will work the same as to vehicles that are identified vy VRN's, in that essentially each individual weapon with a serial no will require your love and attention on JAMES with regards to entering all the information that is expected for the weapons side of life when you inspect it etc.
  9. Gun Doc,

    When JAMES was first rolled out you had to go in to each individual equipment record to input maintenance activity. This was a real ball bag for the armourer community and contributed to the early bad press that JAMES received.

    There is now a section in JAMES to manage bulk maintenance events. Basically you bung the holding unit details in and it presents a list of all the associated equipment. You then scroll down and check the boxes of the kit you want. It then prints a work sheet with all the serial number on it. The idea is that as you work through batch inspections you note down the outcome and then go back on to this system to enter the results.

    I am not sure whether this has been added to the CBT package, but there is a guide on the JAMES website under the trg tag additional lesson/student guides.
  10. Or just do the really short Unit Admin course then you can assign yourself any roles you like.