James Land training

Discussion in 'REME' started by shut_cint, Feb 2, 2012.

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  1. Simply anybody done it? how long does it take? how had is it?
  2. been doing it on and off for ages , theres ******* shed loads of it. My SQMS is doing almost all of the crap and he's been doing it on and off since last January.... I've done maintainer, lead maint. eqpt manager, repair manager, level 1 manager...... **** me if it was on there I've doneonly good thing , if same test comes up on another part it is already completed........... Still not satisied with it ........takes too long , too complicated ,and will IMHO end up the same as FORWARD, but at least you could use the jobcards for gaskets............... cynical? me?
  3. LMAO only repair manager to do by monday!

    Not a chance
  4. lock yourself in the office!!
  5. Its horrendous, the whole system is overly complicated and time consuming, and the online training package is pretty inculting to your intelligence and more dull than the international dullards convention of '78. Whats wrong with strolling over to the LAD to find a friendly crafty to come and un-break your wagon, rather than going through the whole laborious process of getting the troop 3 bar (whos fooking busy as it is) to put a sodding work ticket onto JAMES.
  6. Senior Equipment Manager = Disgusting.
  7. About 35 hours to senior equipment doodah...
    First in our bde to go live and start using it. It's good. But not as good as JUD's.......that's where the true value for money lies.....
  8. At least a week if you don't die of boredom.
  9. I see no real value in the training either, its that long and laborious, people are just "copycating" the whole way through.
  10. There is nothing good about JAMES, absolutely nothing at all. It is the biggest pile of time wasting and badly thought through pile of diseased **** the MoD has ever come up with, and let's face it, it has some strong competition......
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  11. Start the Imitation training (as soon as it loads past the 100% screen stop it)
    Start the Test, then start the Imitation, click backward between each of them filling out the requirements, cut 78 hours down to about 6 hrs for most of the required roles.

    If you really need to learn it, open up the training imitation later and learn it, it will rub off on you anyway as its that boring.

    If your trying to learn how to send a vehicle to another outside unit, good luck its NOT in the training program
  12. Thats exactly how we got 2/3rds of the squadron trained on JAMES in two weeks using only 4-5 DII terminals...
  13. Obviously not trying hard enough. JAMES is the future. Report to SEAE immediately and Hand in your MOD 90.
    Your nay saying of a perfectly good, bought off the shelf, intended for another process entirely, system that shuts down on Wednesday afternoons to upload Shiite from the yanks and also takes at least 3 hours to MEI a Rover. AT BEST!!!!! Is a disgrace.

    Shame on you.
  14. Mate, if you can be arrsed to post on a James discussion at 00.04, not only are you as sad as me :nod: but you need to volunteer for the James Team asap :eye:
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  15. What's really sad is that you retired yesterday!
    I'll be in touch to arrange going out for a few beers.