James Herbert

One of the best authors to frighten the living daylights out of a kid (myself - a long time ago) has sadly passed away at the age of 69.
Sad to hear that. He was my favourite author growing up and made Stephen King story's seem as harmless as Womans Weekly.
'The Rats' series of books is outstanding! RIP mate.
Dramas. I'm halfway through his most recent book "Ash", which seems very good. My two favourite books were "Ghosts of Sleath" and "Crickley Hall". A really talented writer.
A line that's always stuck in my head for some reason is the copper getting trampled by a crowd at the start of Domain.

"Oh yes, he assured himself. That (noise) would be the bomb. About bloody time too."
What a terrific story! The line that has always stuck with me over the years was also not far from the beginning when a hooker, after getting it every which way but Sunday (by two? blokes), is having a smoke and overlooking London from inside a skyscraper, and a nuke goes off. I'm just quoting from memory and in part, but goes something like...'And her face fused with the glass as the building fell over backwards.' It was a very tall building.

In addition to his horror, his sex scenes were the best bar none!
The same hooker that stood there puffing on her last ciggie and thinking, "Forty a day and it wasn't going to kill her"?
I quite got to like her in the two and a half pages of her existence. She had a nicely cynical view of her rich Arab clients too.

"They lived like pigs and they copulated like pigs. How would they die? No prizes."
That was the charm of Mr Herbert to me, created a myriad of random characters and situations (in context of the story, rats, fog, dark, etc) in the space of a few pages and then dispatched them in the most wicked ways imaginable. A literary genius.
CLearing out my garage last Thursday i came across a box of old paperbacks and noticed i had The magic Cottage that i have never read. Gues i'll be back in there tonight to get it out and have a read, love Lair and The Fog



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I listened to 'The Secret of Crickley Hall' on cd a while back on a long journey. Excellent and caused shivers down the spine. Although that may have been a rear window partly open. The television adaptation wasn't bad but the book and the cd were excellent.

Good author who gave his fans what they wanted.

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