James Herbert books.

Discussion in 'The Book Club' started by Tartan_Terrier, Apr 27, 2010.

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  1. The thread about 'The Spear' got me thinking about this author. He has written some absolutely fantastic but usually very dark stories.

    Of those, there are of course a few who stand out for one reason or another:

    The Rats Trilogy (The Rats, Lair, Domain) were all fantastic, especially 'The Rats'.

    The Magic Cottage was equally good, but not quite so dark.

    Fluke is a really easy and fun read about reincarnation. Not his usual style at all, but very highly recommended indeed.

    Which are your favourites?

  2. The Fog. Scared me spitless when I first read it as a kid.
  3. I read The Rats when i was 11, i lived in a house backing onto an old graveyard, i didn't sleep for months because of that book
  4. Ghosts of Sleath is a good one of his along with Once, both very different but equally enjoyable.
  5. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    Read the lot, then found an even darker author and bigger perv in Richard Laymon...
  6. Without a doubt "The Rats" trilogy is the best of his books. I can however say with absolute certainly; if I even see 'James Herbert' on the bookshelves in the shop, I do stop and see what it is.

    Richard Laymon fantastic dark writer, I didn't realise he'd karked it until I looked online today.......... On the Yank side of things Dean R Koontz's earlier books are great, his more recent books (in my opinion) are shite.
  7. I liked 'The Jonah' as it used to remind me of some of the people I used to work with. :)
  8. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    His best I think by some margin. Sleath bored me. I'm very surprised 'Moon' hasn't been mentioned yet. And clearly '48 was in some way an influence in the making of the film '28 days later'.
  9. The Sepulchre, the story goes like this

    The House is called Neath

    Physic lives in the house is called Kline

    The Guardian of the House and of the Physic is called The Keeper

    And the outsider called Halloran

    The outsider uncovers unconventional ways of discovering new mineral resources

    Absolutely brilliant.

  10. I read Rats when i was quite young, and the details he goes into is awsome. I got handed down some of his books on tour once that kept me going for a while. Have any been made into films? and if so did they do the books justice?
  11. He'll never be as cutting edge nor origional as McNab or Ryan - I mean where do those guys get their inspiration from - its phenomenal! Each book so different from the last. :)
  12. Definatly, Horror books that are not based on the supernatural are brillant.
  13. I've never looked at gym wall bars the same since reading the fog
  14. I've got Once, by James Herbert on my bookcase but I've not read it yet. I found Nobody True to be quite a good read, but there is no beating the Rats trilogy. I hve re-read those time and time again and they still scare me!

    An addition to Krazy_Ivan's comments about Koontz- Watchers is definitely worth a read. And the Frankenstein reworks are definitely worth a try.
  15. The London Underground freaks me out since reading Rats!