JAMES/FEMIS stuff (so take fair warning it could be dull as)

Discussion in 'REME' started by Manic_mechanic, Oct 23, 2008.

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  1. Gimme my old UNICOM terminal back!!!! PLEASE!!!!!
  2. Not such a good title mate. Just because there are spaz's out there does not mean all the REME are like them.
  3. Just a couple of easy ones to start with. :D

    1. The date on the back of an electronic 932b is the date it was generated on, can it be altered to the actual date the MEI was carried out / due on before being printed ?
    2. Ditto a job card ?
  4. Can we have our FEMIS working?

    The unit only moved in July and it's still not online!
  5. Gimme back my old terminal or else!!!! ;-)
  6. What is the point of busting a nut to get fully James compliant then being unable to put a landrover on the system because its asset code has changed following submission into the Tithonus refurb program.
    The resulting piddling contest involving the James team and IPT as to who's fault it is and who is to finance it, is indeed a cluster to behold.
    Meanwhile units have to run two systems. Shamefull
  7. PM me with unit and why it is not working...
  8. Either way, I believe this thread is missing one of the main issues with JAMES / FEMIS.

    I need many more fingers to count the number of times I have heard "&^%$!!!, JAMES is down again!!", or "Sorry, can't print off anything from FEMIS, UNICOM is down". When units had their own servers, at least we could get the work done. Now, we can't even demand spares without a bloody long wait!.

    The new systems may be better(!), but at the end of the day, REME's job is to fix kit. The new systems have seriously begun to slow the job down.

    I even hear people saying that being on exercise is easier when it comes to fixing kit. My unit is beginning to resort back to hard copies rather than log on the FEMIS, especially for 1043s, etc.

    I keep on lying through my teeth telling people that it will be better when JAMES 2 (or whatever) takes over FEMIS. What a crock of poo.