James Corden

vvaannmmaann said:
Why is he so popular? What am I missing?
Because he was great in "The Magnificent seven"" Cross of Iron" and just about every other film he made, Oh sorry you mean that Gay bloke in "Gavin and Stacey" The sad attention seeking poof
He makes everyone feel talented compared to him.


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He is another 'comic' that should be prosecuted under the Trade Descriptions Act, along with Phil Jupitus and several others.
Whether he is fat or enjoys alternate company is irrelevant. Whilst mildly amusing he is no brilliant comedian or startling actor. What he has is an affinity to seem just like many of todays' "yoof" and that has meant that they support him. Sadly I think he is pretty talentless, although never having seen him make anything other than inane and normally short, barely intelligible, noises during what passes nowadays for an interview I have little to judge him on - other than the fact that he generally makes my flesh creep.
About as funny as a baby with Cancer.....oh hang on, that's Vic Reeves isn't it, well you get the drift!
stevieni22 said:
I was just saying that to the misus last night i hate the fat gay cvnt.
Snap! I had the self same conversation last night. Was mildly amusing playing a part in Gavin & Stacey, but as a comic himself , he's a twat.
Expect to see more of him though with the World Cup about to start. He's becoming the go-to-chav for any light weight program about football or the England football team.
I'm glad I'm not the only one who fails to see his appeal.
His Dad was in the Crab band,say no more
As with most 'comics' he'll ride the wave of publicity, probably until the end of the year, then he'll fade away, hopefully doing 'other projects'

Ricky 'Over-rated' Gervais
Michael 'Sick-of-him' McIntyre

and hopefull:
Bill 'Who he?' Bailey
Thank God you all agree! I think the secret is his many rolls of blubber. Once he walks around, jumps up and down and the said blubber wobbles, it hypnotises most of the population, therefore making them think he's the dog's danglies...

**Oh, Edited To Add:- He's appearing in Doc Who this weekend. Can't someone kill the bastard... or at least severely maim him...?**


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He has a thin offering - chav like abuse then bigging up the opportunity. Not much to go on, poor fellow but, like Miner said, he will feature around the World Cup.

Do you think he's a good inspiration for all the other fat chavs who couldn't run the length of a pitch without expiring so they feel some sort of association with the elite athletes he gets to mingle with? Mind you, making a footballer giggle is hardly the peak of intellectual humour.
Times change mate as does taste. We can't sit and wet ourselves to Mike and Bernie Winters forever. You don't have to like it, just accept it
vvaannmmaann said:
Do you still find Mr Bean funny?
NO, I used to think Mr Pastry was funny but I was about five years old at the time

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