james (cnut) blunt

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by hogspawn, Jun 22, 2005.

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  1. Now, somewhere on here there must be someone who knows this chopper! but according to his website he 'threw down his gun and got stoned'

    He went from 'harrow school to Royal Military Academy Sandhurst to Household Cavalry to the stage'

    So my ARRSERS, opinion please?
  2. Err, sort of know his dad quite well! Seems James has respelled his name and was not a bad skier!
  3. A calwery occiffer!
    Nough said. Bye.
  4. Bad CO

    Bad CO LE Admin Reviews Editor Gallery Guru

    I met him once - it was enough.......

    Duty rumour is that he joined the HCR after failing flying grading.
  5. Does it matter? Mrs M has bought his CD at weekend and says it is pretty good. I'll have to have a listen.
  6. I have it downloaded, i think it ok as well, just dont listen to it with any sharp impliments handy,and if your feeling dpressed :wink:
  7. Leonard Cohen like then?
  8. Well, his singing is better than his flying, lets put it that way. :wink:

    Having said that, his command of Mandarin using a Northern dialect was better than his flying.
  9. First I have heard of that story. I must have missed it.

    Just Serb villages? His musical talents might have been better employed elsewhere.
  10. Have some of the music. Last month they started playing it out here on my fave radio station. Nice voice, nice musicianship in the melodic and harmonic lines. Had no idea who the blighter was but liked the song all the same. They never gave any information on who he was and I see why. Thanks to this thread I find out this is who James Blunt is - blimey. Still nice music though.
  11. Leave the Guy alone.

    Its about time we had some pop stars who have actually SERVED in the forces (excluding that muppet commy pond life Billy Bragg).

    And at the end of the day it could be good PR to the Army
  12. If memory serves me correct, the drummer in the group 'Toy Dolls' was ex AAC. The group was a one hit wonder in 1984 with the catchy tune 'Nellie The Elephant'.
  13. Was it you gunny? :lol:
  14. RTFQ


    Which Kosovo did he go to? It's a bowl surrounded by mountains, into which they poured Eastern Europe's garbage. Then we bombed it a few times just to tidy the place up. Soviet style high rises, bombed out power plants, miles and miles of dull flat land that smells vaguely of burnt rubbish and a city that looks, feels and smells like swindon after a wing of B52s have just dropped 10,000 tones of used terrylene nappies on it. Okay, it's better than macedonia, but winersh is better than macedonia ffs. I'm writing a few songs myself about the place:

    "I'm in love with my Chogie interpreter"
    "What happened to your teeth, love?"
    "No Sleep Til Skopje"
    "100 miles an hour down route dog"
    "Is that one of ours?"
    "Russians are sneaky ba.stards"
    "Stani doesn't mean stop"
    "Better than Macedonia"
    "Kacanik Defile"
    "Is he a mong, or a serb?"
    "MUP Blues"
    Cover of Clash's hit "I fought KFOR"
    "Who nicked all the camp beds?"

    Watch out for the Album "I left my lid in Pristina APOD" coming to you on Telstar in the Autumn