James Callaghan dies

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by PartTimePongo, Mar 26, 2005.

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  1. and 11 days after his wife.

    RIP Lord Callaghan. I do hope the Andrew do something special for him.


  2. Sad news. Lady (Audrey) Callaghan was also a commanding figure in her own right. RIP.
  3. RIP
  4. Brace yourself for the cringmaking quote from Bliar on how JC inspired him to be a socialist etc.
  5. I remember strapping him in a Scout at Ballykelly 69, along with Dennis Healy and the Brigade Commander Peter Leng. They had had a GOOD early lunch and where in good humoir.
  6. Nah, Bliar will never mention the S-word - Neue Arbeit don't like to put it about that they're actually socialists... :roll: somthing to do with middle-class voters, methinks!
  7. That man served , Royal Navy Arctic convoys.

    He also supported very strongly an INDEPENDENT British Nuclear deterrent

    Baroness Thatcher tonight descibed him as a PATRIOT.

    Good enough for me. As G3 says , he's dead. Please show some respect, even if it's just for his service. For that reason I'm deleting your posts.

  8. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    Just PMd you PtP. I may have used a strong word but just because this guy died it does not rub out the things he did. He was no saint and left this country in ruins when he was kicked out of office by the nation, are we somehow supposed to forget that once he dies. Respect needs to be earned and he certainly didn't earn mine while he was PM.

    I support a strong nuclear detelrent - so what? What does that actually mean, crap pollie talk to detract from the point as usual.

    But then again you’re a politician too so no surprises in that you all stick together……..
  9. I have said before no one who was of voting age will forget the 70s. We had two of the worst PMs in Brit history, Wilson and Heath. The economy went from one to the other and then back again.
    Nither was up to doing what was needed to sort out UK or the economy and it took Maggei to sort that out.
    We'll never have another Maggei and J C was was the last of the decent labour leaders with personal standards that where accepatable both in and out of parliament.
  10. Crocodile tears my dear old things? moast of us I suspect would not have crossed the road to piss on Jim Callaghan if he was on fire. As Ord_Sgt so rightly says, just because he is dead does not make him a saint. He was a very less than average PM.

    The flavour of this thread reminds me of the Not the nine O Clock News sketch where the two politicos are having a stand up row and one of them dies..."A great parlimentarian, he will be sadly missed..."

    As I recall his RN service was not exactly front-line either. The late seventies were piss-poor in terms of government, to paraphrase another "great" PM, we never had it so bad. Sorry he's dead in a John Donne-ish styley but wish he hadn't troubled the scorers at No. 10!
  11. He stopped the Argies invading the Falklands in 77/78. Got wind of their plans and sent a submarine or two down south to deal with it.
  12. That's just the crux of the issue, isn't it. No earthly reason for a differing opinion to be culled - shuffling off the mortal coil does not absolve you of your mistakes, serving in HMF does not make you immune from criticism, and as for patriotism, well that's about as subjective as it comes.

    Fcuk's sake, it's getting more and more 1984 in here by the day...
  13. Belushi and others who seem to think Big Brother is alive and well.

    I don't believe referring to a deceased ex-Prime Minister as a **** on a thread containing messages of condolence is appropriate behaviour.

    Of course you can express an opinion that you did not like the individual concerned. You can even express that in strong terms.

    However , I feel the use of four letter expletives to describe a deceased former Prime Minister are inappropriate

    Therefore both posts were culled. Ord Sgt was pm'med with my reasons for culling his posts.

    As an aside, SB is right , except that from memory David Owen, then the Foreign Secretary received exactly the same message from Endurance that she sent in 82 to Margaret Thatcher.

    David Owen sent a strongly worded message to Buenos Aries, that if they crossed a certain latitude , we would despatch the Caribbean Squadron to deal with the transgression.
  14. Farewell Sunny Jim. The fine old Gent sure deserves a nod.

    PM Callaghan said:

  15. But those aren't the grounds you culled people's comments on, are they?

    You said:

    Which was:

    So, regardless of whether or not I share your opinions on the merits of independent nuclear deterrents, the very brave individuals of the Artic Convoys or any other matter, it was your value system, imposed on the rest of us which caused the comments to be culled. The issue of respect was at best an afterthought, which you've mentioned now to stop people thinking you're far too active with that delete key of yours.

    Don't do it again, there's a good chap.