James Bond Fancy Dress Party

Jyust been invited to a party where the theme is James Bond, I do not want to be lame and just turn up in a DJ.

Anyone got any ideas what to go as??
Yeah, villains provide more options (white cat etc) plus Bond had dozens of 'Action Man' type personas - ski gear, SWAT kit, kilt, wetsuit (could get hot and sticky in this weather but there is something about a fit guy in a wetsuit..). One of his best images is just a towel round the waist, a bottle of Krug in hand and THAT look in his eye. Failing that, jump into a tub of gold paint and go as Shirley Eaton (just avoid 'shkin shuffocation'!).
What is it about men wanting to go out dressed as women?

In my humble opionion that would be more lame than the DJ!
Why don't you go as a psychopathic maniac who doesn't live in the real world? That always ensures a pleasant night is had by all. :evil:

(And James Bond was always pitted against one of them. Probably)
Wardroom once had a Bond party attended by an insufferable pr1ck of an officer who never stopped banging on about when he was in Northrern Ireland he carried a 9mil everywhere ( he wasn't 14 INT nor did he claim to be. Just a Knob!).

En route he came into the Senior's mess (think he thought everyone admired him ) dressed in Dinner Jacket. A wag hollers, 'fcuking hell Sir, you don't need to dress up. You are James Bond'. Chaos!

Never heard a 9 mil dit from Sir again.

gado asked:

What is it about men wanting to go out dressed as women?
Can't speak for gizzardtoo who made the suggestion but Matelots and Booties need little excuse.

Given a choice, I'd go as Ona Topp's (Famke Jansen) seat, as in 'so long as I have a face................'
How about Sheriff JW Pepper of the Louisiana State Po-leece...

"I know you, you're that English Secret Agent from London England!"


"That means you, smartass."

"Secret Agent? On whoooooose siiiiide????"
Dr Evil is a very popular choice :lol:
or get yourself a frilly fronted shirt and go as one of those two poofy assassins who kept calling each other "mister" , or were they Guards officers?????? :wink:
i have a lovely cream bikini you cn borrow

get your knife strapped to your thigh & tape the bloke bits away, hey presto.... pussy galore :wink:


You might go as Lenkin- the Gasworks supervisor in Living daylights (or was he the diamond expert in that one- can't recall) and Octopussy in honour of the actor who played it- As he isn't going to be in any more bond films now :? you can play it now instead :D
Nutstrangler Posted: Tue Jun 08, 2004 2:30 am Post subject:


Wasn't that Honeychild Ryder?

oops :oops:
being a girly i prefer my james bonds, to bond girls

many apologies :lol:

ooh, but if you still wanna borrow my bikini..... :wink:
Buy a fluffy white cat (unreal one probably slightly easier to control) put on black tie, bungy cat to arm...easy blohfeld outfit...alternatively go for the full fluffy white cat suit option ... more uncomfortable but you will be a scoring machine.

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