James Bond Baddies..Whos the Muther

"Just finished watching "From Russia With Love" and it kinda got me onto thinking,"Who is the baddiest Bond Muther Fcuker"
My vote goes for Ernst Stavro Blofeld, played by actor Donald Pleasence.

What's your verdict?


I think Odd Job or Jaws


Odd Job?


Auric Goldfinger is the supreme Bond baddy. Accept no substitute.

Pots of cash, cheats at golf, sinister Oriental sidekick, Mercedes full of boiler-suited henchmen, and old lady with a Schmeisser, a nad-frying laser, poison gas and Pussy Galore.

"Do you expect me to talk Goldfinger?"

"No Mr Bond, I expect you to die .........."
I guess you do have me on that one.
Modern: Elliot Carver

Classic: Auric Goldfinger

Worst: Jaws, cos he got loved up with the geek-a-like in Moonraker
I reckon the worst Bond baddie was the character (whose moniker I've forgotten) played by Klaus Maria Brandauer.



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I would go for Scaramanga on this one. O Grade baddie all round!
Franz Sanchez from Licence To Kill, Played by Robert Davi

He was the Columbian Drug Dealer who injured bonds american mate Felix

Franz Sanchez all the way!

Who was the black fella who had the hook arm?

Tee Hee
Personally I always liked the Black Dude in the lairy sports jacket that chases Bond in Billy Bob's speedboat. Classic line:
"We got ourseles a swamp full of Black Russians boy"
But surely these guys just count as henchmen.


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Bugsy7 said:
I reckon the worst Bond baddie was the character (whose moniker I've forgotten) played by Klaus Maria Brandauer.
Yes, it was Emilio Largo, but the one from Never Say Never Again, which was a ripped off Thunderball for Sean Connery's one-off comeback. Still, it had Kim Basinger and Barbara Carrera in it, so it wasn't all bad. The real Largo in Thunderball was played by Adolpho Celi, with an eye patch for added sinister effect. Even he was not as good as Scaramanga. Great in the book, the film and a classic actor, Christopher Lee, who has been very supportive of the Bond franchise and fan base ever since.
Brad Whitaker. Arms dealer pretending to have a military/mercenary background. Bit of a walt, really. Actor Joe Don Baker went on to play Jack Wade of the CIA, a kind of cut-price version of Felix Leiter (check out this thread: If Arrse did Bond...) in Goldeneye and Tomorrow Never Dies, thus joining the ranks of those who played different characters in more than one Bond film. The others being: Martine Beswick, Maud Adams and Charles Gray. If any other spotters out there know of any more...


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Blogg said:
Rosa Klebb: just look at the boat on it
She was married to Kurt Weill, and didn't look so bad when she was younger :)

Favourite villain - Scaramanga - Christoher Lee, a.k.a. Count Dooku, Dracula, Lord Summerisle, and Saruman - an unsurpassed collection of villains!

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