james bollox again

Discussion in 'REME' started by sleeper, Jul 7, 2009.

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  1. any one know how to zero the eti reading on a unfitted osc trying to get round problem of the new gue. as they have not been loaded on james what a cluster
  2. Say again all in English. Over.
  3. obviously you are not conversant in the art of cooking books on james then
  4. Apparently not LOL!
  5. Have you tried tuning the zorbit control to the fuse centrum and using the
    wong stick to bring the curser into line with the zenith aperture.
  6. That actually makes more sense than most of the answers in the FAQ's bit and is certainly more useful than " we will be able to address that issue in the near future once we have control over the latest piece of crap IT the MOD has lumbered us all with "
    Or words to that affect......
  7. Dont get me started just sick of trying to sort problems out cant even print my MEI out properly
  8. mmmmmm, your MEI would be a 932 me thinks?The best thing to do with problems like this is to fax and Email them to the JAMES help team , oh and do cc your BEME into that, normally helps.
  9. Why are you trying to print out an MEI on JAMES? It's FEMIS for 857 & hand written for 932B. JAMES is purely a user tool & as such we shouldn't be touching it. Unless it's for our own vehicles of course.
  10. :D
  11. How many different systems (that do not speak to each other) are we using now for pity's sake!
  12. Don’t be ridiculous, man. Do you want him to get him hurt? What’s needed is a quick twist of the splange bracket to force the judder pin into its welt hole. Check the futtock alignment and Bob’s your uncle.
  13. Sorry but that will only work after they've finally introduced the raft of changes they've been on the verge of introducing for about a year. Until they make JAMES compatible with itself the futtock alignment will always drift off true.
  14. I get the impression that interest in James from the movers & shakers in Land has dissipated 8O Either that or some key people in the James org have been on leave for a long time :D
  15. The issue with the new CR2 APU is being sorted even as we speak. No point changing things or cooking the books because all that does is bollocks up the data and cause even more problems later on. All you have to do is call the helpdesk, they will sort you out.