James Blunt

Total tosser when he was at Sandhurst. Couldnt organise panic in a doomed submarine. Much better as a singer where he is only responsible for himself
Incidentally do you reckon he will be opening the next round of CSE shows. Doing a duet with her from Brookside, before having the piss ripped by Jimbo Davidson.
Looks enough like Bob Dylan to confuse me when I'm buying CDs at one in the morning in Tesco. Therefore, a threat to my well-being.
he had a bit of a girly voice in "Your're beautiful" i haven't heard any of his other songs.

but i do like the guitar acoustics very calming , if they have an instrumental version i would buy it.
Any chance someone could recall him for Telic 7?
:mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
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