James Blunt: Youre Gullible

I came across this flash adaptation of James Blunts oh so excellent song.



My voice is silly and
My songs are poor
You'll keep on listening
To this manure
The press say I'm a genius
And you'd never question that
Just keep on buying my CD
Although it's utter crap

You're gullible, you're gullible you're gullible, it's true
you saw my face on a CD case
And the next thing that you knew
You had joined the brainwashed queue

Yeah, you saw reviews in the national news
The marketing was beautiful,
you could not refuse
And though my whining sets your teeth on edge
You've convinced yourself that I'm the best thing since sliced bread

You're gullible, you're gullible
You're gullible, it's true
You saw my face on a CD case
And you knew just what to do
Now you own a coaster too

You're gullible; you're gullible
It's pitiful but true
There must be an agent with a smile on his face,
When he thought of all the sheep like you.
But it's time to face the truth,
I will always be quite poo

Download the mp3 here: http://www.stablesound.co.uk/mp3/gullible.mp3
He served with the RLC?
RCSignals said:
He served with the RLC?
Household Cav.

Not one of his songs is anything but a whiney, whingey, mopey howl. At least Morrissey had the decency to do his moroseness well. Perhaps the Daffodil Wearing One might re-release Blunty in a Coma as a tribute song.....
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