James Blunt: One round or two

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by mac_uk, Sep 7, 2007.

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  1. Nothing, he is a fine singer with excellent songs

  2. Just give the boy a slap and ignore him

  3. A proper shoeing behind the drill sheds

  4. A nice sunny spot by the wall, a cigarette, blindfold and bang, problem solved

  1. I must admit, I just heard James Blunts new song on the radio for about the 1000th time and it is almost bearable to listen to. However I do feel the undeniable urge to take him outside, put a blindfold on and smack two into the back of his swede after putting one in his throat just in case he wanted to sing a song about the misery of getting shot. Why is this?
    Is it because of his damned irritating voice?
    Is it because of his vague allusions to Waltdom when he first got famous and claimed that he "led" the entire invasion of Kosovo?
    Or is it because I'm getting sick of people singing songs about how miserable they are?
    Opinions please, preparing for incoming
  2. Is that the song that takes each line from a different hit of the 80's and ties it into some un-melodic guitar riff that never seems to end?

    Not his best work.
  3. Two rounds. Just to make sure.

    The man is a talentless whining mong.
  4. Unless it was a nice piece of "cut, switch, roll" that jump he did from the jetty was a pretty good one... Took some balls...

    Maybe he's just an annoying cnut...
  5. engr172

    engr172 Old-Salt Book Reviewer

    The dross were he whines about the 70's shoite? Kill him, one in the larynx first for making us listen to that krap. He does biff some women though, the slimy toad
  6. That means nowt mate, Mick Hucknall is evidently not a virgin....
  7. Blunt by name c.unt by nature.
  8. engr172

    engr172 Old-Salt Book Reviewer

    I stand corrected sir....good comment
  9. A full mag just to be sure...
  10. I don't really care, if a song comes on that I don't like I either hit the mute button and leave it off for a bit or switch channels.
    I do think its good to see soldiers do well after they leave the Army, even if they may have been a bit misguided and gobbed off (or was he miss quoted?)
    However at a time when soldiers of the British army are being shot for real and children are shooting and killing each other because "popping a cap in someones ass" has been trivialised into an acceptable means of dealing with a problem or even as a rite of passage, I think this thread should be sent to the sh1tter.
    Sorry Mac, not having a go at you personally, but you asked for opinions, this one is mine.
  11. Got something you'd like to get off your chest? :wink:
  12. Three - two to the chest and one to the head just to make sure.
  13. A few ginger hairs and a bad smell.....
  14. What a poof !
  15. Could you not give him a Brazillian? A London Tube Brazillian?