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Discussion in 'Officers' started by Ambrose_Silk, Jan 8, 2006.

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  1. Just out of sheer curiosity, any lore, commentaries, anecdotes out there on Jimmy Blunt's effectiveness as an officer in the Life Guards? He seems to be a charming and intelligent chap, and remarkably capable as a song writer...just wondering how he was as a soldier?
  2. Journo Alert..........
  3. Fortunately, furthest thing from it...
  4. wannabe journo!
  5. walt journo perhaps ??
  6. Unemployed journo?
  7. Thought he was LDG.......
  8. Apart from his real name was Blount... he dropped the 'o' on starting his pop career. But then that's on google too, like his nick name weener, for being a short arrse.

    Try this Link
  9. BBear

    BBear LE Reviewer

    Having all of those alerts so quick...wise.

    But, id be quite interested to hear anything - just on a "im bored and intregued" level. Hey, even if i am a journo i'll split the profits with you :twisted:

    :roll: or maybe not
  10. I know very little about this singer*, but what does irritate me about him is that every time he is interviewed he (or the journo) trots out this story that in Kosovo '99 while "leading reconnaissance patrols" he came across Serb soldiers laughing and smoking cigarettes over the bodies of Albanian families they had just killed. This "anecdote" appeared again in the Sunday Times last month.

    * [edit] no note of disdain intended. Fair play to him for achieving such success in civ life.
  11. ffs - isnt all this 'journo alert' stuff going a bit waltish? nothing said here couldnt be a) picked up in a bar or off a mate or b) made up by anybody with half a braincell or interest.

    come on fellas - they are hardly going to make money on an anonymous internet quote - and if that is so, surely theyll fabricate it and call it simply an anonymous source
  12. i read in an interview in sunday times his nickname was 'c'''y blunty' because he got so much, sounds like fine planning and leadership.
  13. I'm sure he's a nice enough fellow - but he can't sing for toffee: what a fcuking whining self pitying droning din.

    Beats me, but the Memsahib and her cronies in the local coffee morning circle think he's tops, largely, I fear, because he can speak properly and, dash it all, he is a good looking sod!
  14. I woudn't care to comment on his effectiveness as an officer, but he's a fairly talented chap all-round.
    IIRC, he had learnt to play both the violin and piano by age eight, and picked up his private pilots license by age sixteen.
  15. good luck to him, left the mob and is now making a fortune by 'singing'. people are willing to buy his records and line his pockets. I wish my post army prospects were as rosey.