James Blunt has a pop....

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by miles_gloriosus, Mar 7, 2012.

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  1. James Blunt: Britain's failure to get troops into battle is pitiful - Telegraph

    From today's Telegraph, James isn't very happy about the airbridge. I don't think there's anything new for us (Typhoon vs strategic lift) but it's nice to see the issue raised. Comments page is also pretty lively.

    Engagingly written, but I did raise my eyebrows at the 'eff it, I'm going home' moment in Cyprus.
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  2. Is this normal or just an unlucky chain of events? It does sound like a real disaster.
  3. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    I would happily cut off parts of my anatomy for the chance to spend 3 days in the proximity of Katherine Jenkins, no matter what the circumstances......the man is spoilt, but makes his case very well.
  4. You raise an interesting point. I do hope she locks the door before going to sleep in the vicinity of pilots. Could get messy....
  5. Be careful what you wish for or the next time we play silly buggers in someone elses country you might find yourself posted there for an 18 month tour instead.

    Would reduce the transport overhead massively and bring lots of other cost saving benefits as well.
  6. It gets raised over and over. Tory MP Mark Lancaster did a sting in Aghanistan around 2006 and got shafted by the crabs on his way home and wrote a blistering letter to the OC Ops at Akrotiri, but got his knuckles wrapped for doing so on Parliament letter head and in his capacity as an MP, blurring the lines just a little.
  7. And then in the comments part,

    Because that worked out so well for Mr Glenton... >.>
  8. Ah Tristar!

    Last time I had the 'pleasure' of awaiting it's ancient and museum quality sceptre'd wings, not only did the fecker not fly, (Twice, and thanks for treating us like shit you crab cnuts!), it even made me miss the boat!

    I mean, FFS, what is it with this country and transport planes?

    VC10? RAF is the sole operator of an antique that was last flown commercially by mickey mouse airline bush pilots in Africa decades ago.

    Tristar? Yet again, RAF is effectively the sole operator of an antique that is now almost completely extinct in civvie hands except for a very small handful flown by rather dodgy charter cargo outfits that can't afford proper planes.
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  9. RHIP! ...and I'm glad he used his office for maximum benefit. Imagine if Churchill had complained anonymously about the whistle-blown information he garnered in the late 1930s.
  10. Convenience aside they are both prettier than an A330 and that is the main thing isn't it?

  11. We never got MR4 because Nimrod was based on the hand-built Comet which first flew in 1949 and crashed so often until its multiple revisions by which time Boeing overtook it with that awe-inspiring trick of not crashing.
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  12. I think we're still using 707s here. They'd be even older.
  13. Crap singing aside, he's gone up a step in my eyes. He would have gone further had he admitted banging Jenkins in Brize's bogs.

  14. and the C-135 family, E3 etc are 707 or near cousins ...
  15. And the B52 will be 100 years old before it retires, but the point being these aircraft have been incrementally improved over their lives and have proved reliable.
    The British version is that these aircraft have become so old and knackered through bungled procurement and perneial penny-pinching to forever kick down the road a replacement until it becomes untenable (by which time said replacement gets progressively less capable and fewer in number).