James Blunt concert + meet & greet - UK, Germany or Holland

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by BFBS, May 5, 2008.

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  1. The BFBS Big Salute auction has two tickets to a James Blunt concert this autumn, plus a meet a greet with James, for auction in aid of Blesma, Combat Stress, Headley Court, St Dunstan's and Veterans Aid.

    It can be the UK or European tour date of your choice:

    For example:

    30th Sept

    UK tour, 3rd - 14th October

    Or 6 dates in Germany, 17th - 23rd October

    See www.bfbs.com/bigsalute for dates and how to bid

    Auction stands at £165 at the moment, and closes midday Sun 1th May
  2. Not sure if I'm helping or hindering our cause with this, but just checked and a pair of James Blunt tickets in Germany is 102 euros, with no meet and greet and VIPery, and of course, no money to Forces charities :D
  3. Crikey, the current highest bid on this item is over £500 !

  4. Sod the James Blunt stuff - THERE IS A SIGNED by MICHAEL CAINE ZULU FILM POSTER!!!!!!! Get this across to the SAPPER FORUM AS & AP

  5. I'm ahead of you - I put it on Sappers on Monday. They claim not to be very interested, but the bids are doing quite nicely! I have a feeling this is going to be one which goes beserk in the last five minutes before noon BST on Sunday....

    BFBS :wink:
  6. LYING BARSTEWARDS! I have the Zulu Print on my wall in Sarajevo (framed by my Wife for my birthday a few years ago :wink: as she was a Doctor in Sarajevo throughout the War it is the only piece of Military Memorabilia I am allowed anywhere in the house! 'for now'!) ALL Sappers would want the same on their walls especially a Signed by Michael Caine Zulu Poster!!!
  7. Would it be worth advertising it on a James Blunt forum? I don't think we have to many James Blunt fans on ARRSE.
  8. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    With the bidding currently at 501 quid and 48 bids I reckon you be wrong, perhaps a case of wishing the situation rather than seeing it..

    Either way though its a good point, a quick google on jame blunt+forums gives us 78000 users here: http://forum.jamesblunt.com/index.php and more here http://www.virginradio.co.uk/music/artists/james_blunt/fans/thread/

    that could be alerted...

    sadly run out of time.
  9. Good thinking. I've now put it on the James Blunt forum Mr Happy suggested.

    Whilst on there, I gleaned that there's one ever one meet and greet per concert, so no wonder the bids are sky-rocketing

  10. James Blunt tickets + meet & greet just went for £621, and the signed Zulu poster closed at £530.

    We raised well over £3000, and there's still a couple of auction items on there.