James Blunt - All the ARRSE souls

Best to get things out in the open... clear the conscience...

It's true... I did preorder James Blunt's new album and it came yesterday...

... and I'm not yet taken although I'm sure my three year old Danish daughter will know all the words soon: 1973 is A1 and so is Same Mistake...

So anyway what's this about?
<<And so I sent some men to fight, and one came back at dead of night. Said he'd seen my enemy. Said he looked just like me. So I set out to cut myself... >>

So, are any donkeywallopers prepared to break ranks? Is there a story in this, or is it just dramatics for the sake of sales?

I mean if I had to write a song to flog... it'd be full of crap... called "Sniper Alley" or "Dead mans chest"... which probably explains why I never beame an artiiiste.

(All this aside... congrats JB... any bugger who really makes it in the real world after serving deserves all the admiration I can give.)
I have got his first one. IS this worth buying aswell, or is it haveing "second album syndrome"?
I ripped off the 1st one, really liked it for about a week, now I cant stand it :(
Although I'm not a fan of his I do feel that all the bad press he gets is a little unfair. Any man that has earned his medals is ok in my book. Just as long as I don't have to hear 'you're beautiful' any more!
That bloody album came out just as she buggered off. I knew every word on that album but I can't listen to the geezer anymore.

The memories, PTJBD (Post Traumatic James Blunt Disorder).

It was good though.
bobath said:
I have got his first one. IS this worth buying aswell, or is it haveing "second album syndrome"?
Listening to it now... It's going to grow on me... and some was instant A1

so no... not 2nd album sydrome, I don't think.

He can pull it off... that said... this song "1 of the brightest stars" is an absolute horific horific nothing.

Worth the cash - even if just to hear him doing the "I'm not calling for a second chance... I'm screaming at the top of my voice... verse" ... runs up your spine.
I tend to try out music via limewire before deciding whether to buy or not. Almost certainly get this as Mrs M will want it I think.


This online internet radio service is also quite good for finding music by an artist or to listen to other stuff of a similar ilk:

The "back to bedlam" live sessions is excellent, unfortunately it was my Basra sound track so don't listen to it any more.

1973 I don't understand, please explain
thegimp said:
1973 I don't understand, please explain
I don't understand... please explain.

(do you mean don't think it's good... or not aware it's on the "all the lost souls" album. )

PS dunno why you don't listen to your Basra music... when I listen to music from my time and place I get all nostalgic... happy, sad, angry... doesn't matter... makes me feel... which is the whole point of music, not?
He was a cav officer, so he should be in baige slacks and a horrible polo/rugby shirt and loafers on his feet.

Maybe he lost his sense of Rupert style after he left.

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