Jamaican PM would accept 'Apology' from Britain.....

Will she apologise to Britain for Yardie crackheads and the annual stabathon at the Notting Hill Carnival?

No Britain shouldn't apologise for slavery, it was a long time ago and we ended up being the driving force that ended it.


No, I don't see the fascination people have with getting apologies for things that happened hundreds of years ago. There is no one left alive in the UK or Jamaica who was involved in either side of slavery (not including any current illegal activities.)
The only problem is that we aren't sorry about it. At all.

She knows that so she also knows any apolgy would be insincere and she is saying she would accept this. What sort of person is she?

Mind you she is a politician so maybe that should have given me a hint.
Maybe they should ask the village elders back in Mother Africa who sold them to the white man for an apology instead

Or maybe they should realise that if great great great great grandaddy hadn't been put onto the cramped cruise ship then they might have had a much tougher life stuck back in whatever country they were shipped out from that is probably now half starved, disease ridden, war torn or combination of all three.

Instead we should charge them the transport costs for the boat ride
Portia Simpson Miller the Jamaican PM who would like to get rid of Her Majesty as head of state has announced that Britain should apologize for Slavery in her country and she is prepared to accept it,,Should we?...

Jamaican PM Portia Simpson Miller 'Would Accept' British Apology For Slavery
Well, that's jolly ****ing nice of her. And in the same spirit, we should accept her apology for being a tedious, boring, whining **** with the intelligence(and sex appeal)of a chimpanzee with senile dementia.:roll:

Seems only fair.

Oh, and while were on the subject of apologies, Ms Simpson, about all those Yardies in London...
Perhaps she should remember that, without slavery, she would probably, today, be an aids riddled prostitute in some west african shanty town. She has slavery to thank for her current education, health and prosperity.
Maybe we could apologise when the arab slave traders who sold the slaves to us apologise for their part, ie never.


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This obviously plays to some mysterious Jamaican domestic political agenda. Nothing to do with us.
What is wrong with these people? There is nothing to apologise for. Britain was instrumental in ending slavery and that is what these people forget. They should demand an apology from their own people, after all, they were the ones selling slaves to the traders. It seems to me that is what a lot of people forget, it was their own people selling slaves to slave traders.
why not apologise for the role our country played in the slave trade? we're not denying that we did. you can even highlight that we played a large part in abolishing it.

we've come pretty close to saying sorry before;

Blair: Britain's 'sorrow' for shame of slave trade | Politics | The Observer

and to be honest i dont really understand what difference it would've made if Blair had stuck, "....aye, sorry about that likes" on the end. as people have pointed out it wont cost us anything, we only have to do it once and it will improve our image. if we doggedly refuse to apologise (not that we are but could be perceived to be) we get to look like cnuts.


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Yeah, we should do more of it. We could start by saying sorry to every European country we've ever battered (thats the whole lot except Switzerland who we should thank for the British Swiss Legion in the Crimean war - sorry about that, Russia). Then we can say sorry to all the countries where we rocked up and said "Nice country. We'll 'ave it".

The Norse can say sorry for Viking us to buggary. Then the Romans can say sorry to us for crucifying people and building a bloody great wall without planning permission. The Normans can join in. The Saxons could say sorry to the Celts and...

Nah. Lets just ignore the daft bint?
No, there is no one alive today who had any responsibility for it, so get the **** over it. This applies to everyone whining on about whatever the christ happened 70+ years ago.
Yeah, what 'ave the Romans ever done for us brother.

Maybe we could ask Ainsley Harriott to make the apology.

BBC - Who Do You Think You Are? - Ainsley Harriott - How we did it - Slave Owners

Jamaican genealogist Dianne Frankson unearthed evidence to prove that the Harriott family had been slave owners for several generations in Jamaica. The registers had revealed that James Gordon's father was George David Harriott. A deed of sale showed that George Harriott purchased slaves from his own father when he was just four years old. So the Harriott family was coaching successive generations to become successful slave owners from a very young age.

Like many people with Jamaican heritage, Ainsley's family could be traced back to both sides of the slavery story, from enslavement on his paternal grandmother's side to slave ownership on his grandfather's side.

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