Jamaica to ditch Queen as Head of State

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Matematik, Jan 6, 2012.

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  1. Comes of no suprise to me, most of the world hates the British and Anglophobia seems to be on the increase recently and this is just another incarnation of that.

    More worryingly, for the Commonwealth at least, is that if Jamaica actually does it, it could well give other Commonwealth countries the confidence to do it and could spell the end of the Commonwealth.
  2. Why would it spell the end of the commonwealth? There are plenty of countries in it without The Queen as the head of state.
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  3. .......... and what exactly do they need confidence for? It's not like the Queen is going to send in the gun boats if any country decides they no longer want her as their head of state.

    It's a non story mate.
  4. Duplicate Thread..........
  5. That's fine by me, might as well strip them of citizenship and passports as a thankyou. :)
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  6. Well if your putting up duplicate threads.
    Great news perhaps it will lead to many based here going home to help there. PLEASE.
    You will be surprised how many 2nd or 3rd generation kids of Jamaican decent end up being buried back there usually because one or other of the parents returned leaving them here. Gang members seem to be whisked back pretty quickly to be buried there.
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  7. Fine by me if they fcuk off ,they will have less rights to come to the UK with their fcuked up rasta culture of dont want to work , peddling dope and vice.cnuts.
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  8. May I suggest one of the UK's long standing and respected MPs of Jamaican descent for the position of the first President for the failed state of Jamaica? -Ms Dianne Abbot MP. I am sure that this country will somehow manage without her. Her departure to Jamaica will raise the average intelligence level in both the UK and Jamaica.
  9. Can somebody enlighten me..what is the point of a Commonwealth nowadays? Is is something that is mutually beneficial for all concerned or is it just a list of countries able to suck off our tit?
  10. That's not worrying at all.
  11. Clue's in the title. They provide the common. We provide the wealth.
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  12. It is just a convienient platform for getting rid of the post colonial guilt that our betters chose to express on our behalf. A means by which they can continue to draw cash off us. We would not see an end to immigration without the Commonwealth though. Somalia, Afganistan, Iraq and <insert****ed up nation here> aren't members and it doesnt stop their people "contributing to the rich multicultural nirvana" of modern Britain seemingly without control
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  13. And the downside to this is ??
    we lose those lovely reggae tunes....cant happen soon enough.
  14. Sounds like a lot of the young Brits out there.