Jam sandwiches.

Paddy was working on a construction 10 floors up. When they stopped for lunch and got their sarnies out, one of the crew asked Paddy what he had. Paddy replied in disgust, "fuckin' jam sandwiches.. again. That's all she ever does for me, fuckin' jam sandwiches. If I see another fuckin' jam sandwich, I swear I'll top meself."

Next day, they stopped for lunch again and Paddy opened his lunchbox. "AGHHH!" he screamed. "Fuckin' jam sandwiches again." Throws down his lunchbox and takes a header off the 10th.

At the inquest, the Coroner asked Paddy's missus if he was depressed, or upset about anything that morning before leaving for work.

"No, he was really happy" she answered. "In fact he was so happy, he even made his own sandwiches."

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