Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by DB216LOKDVR, Mar 19, 2010.

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  1. Whilst browsing the net I found this;


    It looks like a up to date version of the German Army Tanker (Panzer) Suit.

    It is a jacket that converts into a sleeping bag/tent.

    The company have said it is available in DPM/camofluage.

    Would squaddies use this item?

    It is made/designed in America and it is expensive @249 USD
  2. looks like a pile of nonsense on first inspection

    definitely not soldier proof

    A gimmick
  3. It only comes with a 90 day warrenty.

    I not sure if that covers holes caused by gunshots, etc.

    After contacting the company, I think I would prefer to used a NBC KIP sheet/poncho than being tied up in a jacket/sleeping bag/tent thingy.
  4. i think it's primarily designed for lounging around the living room.

    certainly one for the SF 'Chairborne' types.
  5. Load o' shite, what happens if you are a bit nippers? When you get your napper down you won't magically warm up as its now a slug!
  6. I stupidly had one of the Jerry parka/sleeping bags in the 80's as a finally found out I had an allergy to feathers and thought I was just a fanny after each exercise coming back streaming and sneezing. It looked ok, sounded practical, but I was fecking baltic from autumn through to early summer. It was definitely a poseurs bag, than a functional thing. As for this finickity piece of crap, its another walt'o'airsoft type thing, that would last five minutes on Ops.
  7. There was another thread about this last year sometime; the consensus wasn't good, the separate arms would make it quite cold compared with a bag. Not what you want with your extremities.
  8. Um just a thought

    :soldier: RVOPS best? :soldier:

    Might not be a coat but at £100 cheaper, more money to buy pellets for your airsoft gun? :lol:
  9. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    I had and used the German sleeping bag with arms in the 80s and early 90s in an infantry role and felt very much at home. The arms were only optional, e.g. you use it like a sleeping bag but if you want to grab something you could just push you arm down the hole and hey presto your hand would appear at the end. Useful for grabbing a drink in the middle of the night or setting up your hexy for breakfast. The link is banned for me so cannot see the modern product but I would have sworn by my German bag, right up to the Balkans when I realised what proper cold was. For temperate cold weather use, I would really have recommended the German bag, Im suprised by the negativity...
  10. A company called Fjall Raven used to sell these in the 1980s too. Great for climbing and sleeping half way up cliff faces et al.