Jails overcrowded ? Heres an idea

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by whatnow?, Feb 4, 2007.

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    These are some of the reasons why:

    * Sheriff Joe Arpaio created the "tent city jail" to save Arizona from spending tens of million of dollars on another expensive prison complex.

    * He has jail meals down to 40 cents a serving and charges the inmates for them.

    * He banned smoking and porno magazines in the jails, and took away their weightlifting equipment and cut off all but "G" movies. He says: "they're in jail to pay a ##### debt to society not to build muscles so they can assault innocent people when they leave."

    * He started chain gangs to use the inmates to do free work on county and city projects and save taxpayer's money.

    * Then he started chain gangs for women so he wouldn't get sued for discrimination.

    * He took away cable TV until he found out there was a federal court order that required cable TV for jails. So he hooked up the cable TV again but only allows the Disney channel and the weather channel.

    * When asked why the weather channel he replied: "so these morons will know how hot it's gonna be while they are working on my chain gangs."

    * He cut off coffee because it has zero nutritional value and is therefore a waste of taxpayer money. When the inmates complained, he told them, "This isn't the Ritz/Carlton. If you don't like it, don't come back."

    * He also bought the Newt Gingrich lecture series on US history that he pipes into the jails. When asked by a reporter if he had any lecture series by a Democrat, he replied that a democratic lecture series that actually tells the truth for a change would be welcome and that it might even explain why 95% of the inmates were in his jails in the first place.

    * With temperatures being even hotter than usual in Phoenix (116 degrees just set a new record for June 2nd), the Associated Press reports: About 2,000 inmates living in a barbed- wire-surrounded tent encampment at the Maricopa County Jail have been given permission to strip down to their government-issued pink boxer shorts.

    * On Wednesday, hundreds of men wearing pink boxer shorts were chatting in the tents, where temperatures reached 128 degrees. "This is hell. It feels like we live in a furnace," said Ernesto Gonzales, an inmate for 2 years with 10 more to go. "It's inhumane."

    * Joe Arpaio, who makes his prisoners wear pink, and eat bologna sandwiches, is not one bit sympathetic. "Criminals should be punished for their crimes - not live in luxury until it's time for parole, only to go out and commit more crimes so they can come back in to live on taxpayers money and enjoy things many taxpayers can't afford to have for themselves."

    * Wednesday he told all the inmates who were complaining of the heat in the tents: "It's between 120 to 130 degrees in Iraq and our soldiers are living in tents too, and they have to walk all day in the sun, wearing full battle gear and get shot at, and they have not committed any crimes, so shut your damned mouths!"

    * Way to go, Sheriff! If all prisons were like yours there would be a lot less crime and we would not be in the current position of running out of prison spaces.

    If you agree, pass this on. If not, you are a namby-pamby liberal bed-wetter so just delete it.

    Sheriff Joe was just re-elected Sheriff in Maricopa County, Arizona...

  2. I like :)

    Quite a few good points made there. I have no problem with prisoners doing community work in jump suits, with them having some privilages removed. They can earn privilages such as 30 minutes of the disney channel by working hard and behaving well.

    Prisons do three things:
    They remove undesirables from our community
    They deter criminals from offending again
    They rehabilitate prisoners so there is less chance of them re-offending.

    Part of rehabilitation can be giving them their new place in society; right at the bottom. Teaching criminals how to boil eggs etc isn't going to stop them re-offending on its own. Also, with the current over-crowding and under-funding how many criminals are being "rehabilitated"?

    Hit them hard, make sure they don't want to come back - but give them the skills they need to survive.

    I think Rowan Atkinson summed it up in "not the nine o clock news" - "some people get the feeling we've been just a little bit to soft on these bastards. So from tomorrow the home office will be introducing the 24,000 volt electric chair into its establishments, on a purely experimental basis of course. And if it doesn't work we'll be more than happy to return to the left wing, wishy washy liberal commie loving ways of the recent past"
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  4. Dear BS,

    Quite agree with your point, but isn't it marvellous to see the young and impulsive so taken with a "traditional" theme.

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    Young and impulsive? Yes, I suppose I was once!
    OK ... came on a bit hardd, but when trying to track 10 threads at once it gets difficult at my age! ;-)
  6. Joe Arpaio sounds like the type of man we need over here. Is there a man capable of doing this for us?
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    Do it on the other thread, O2 ... even Iolis has spoken ... ;-)
  8. I have worked as a Prison Officer and on the whole enjoyed it but I have to agree that the regime within our prisons is far too soft and is no way a deterrent to those serial re-offenders. You may like to know that a murderer/paedo or rapist that has been a "good boy" for over 4 weeks in (Cat B Local jails) get to have duvets (not the awful scratchy blankets), Play station game consuls, TVs, kettles in their cells .... We are not fcuking rehabilitating them, we are fcuking pampering the cnuts. Strip them of their dignity and their liberty!! Whats wrong with 4 prisoners per cell?? We've all lived in far worse at some stage of our career and we hadn't committed any crime!!

    Ubique - Quis Separabit
  9. Did you get the sack? http://www.innocent.org.uk/ Yes I know, they are all innocent in jail but whether you like it or not a hell of a lot of them are.

    Our super hard yank probably has some dark secrets of his own to hide just like another hard line yank by the name of J Edgar Hoover the former head of the FBI who it is alleged was a cross dressing homosexual (no problem with gays here btw), who regularly took money from organised crime (mafia) and fitted people up to suit himself. Worst of all he hated the British. Me being a bit flippant with the last example to be honest.

    It's fine putting people in prison providing they are really guilty but our system says that depriving people of ones liberty is the punishment whether you like it or not. Their punishment is not to be treated like sh1t once inside whether it be odious people like Ian Huntley or some poor sod who couldn't pay their council tax.

    There but for the grace of whatever god you worship go you or yours. Think on it!
  10. I take your point Oldbloke, but I still object to prisoners earning luxuries such as quilts and Playstations.
    Perhaps a solution to prison overcrowding and high levels of recidivism would be to shorten some sentences, but toughen the conditions. One year of being treated like Papillion would surely be more of a deterrent than five years of the current conditions. Behave and you get some coffee, a Mars Bar or ten tabs, fight the system and you live on water, gruel, bread and scratchy blankets.
  11. Bloke's only been on the site 5 minutes, FFS cut him some slack.

    ....and extract your tongue from his hoop mate - it's embarrassing.
  12. Why is this in "Now thats what I call NAAFI Bar?"
  13. good enough question prae. sounds like a cracking bloke, but i wouldn't say this is exactly a legendary thread...
  14. I have a sneaky suspicion that this thread was being moved to a "different" location and was accidently dropped into here.

    Not because it isn't funny, which it is, probably because it's a duplicate.
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    Quite a punchy input, E-Layer ... You will note, if you are bothered, that I have already apologised for being a bit hard.
    What's your big issue? :yawnstretch: