Jails adapted for foreign inmates

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by johnojohnson, Oct 24, 2007.

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  1. Heard this on the drive in this morning, sorry if it's posted elsewhere, delete if required.


    It's not so much the concept but this little paragraph that troubles me:

    ±13% of the prison population. Can someone explain why there are so many and why it takes so long to get rid of them please.

  2. Easy, bleeding heart lefties won't allow them to be deported because it breaches their human rights!
  3. I'll chip in for the flights! Oh.....I'm a taxpayer! Send them home...bless 'em.
  4. Your missing the big picture....

    They are all being located in 2 prisons - means its an easier way of taking them out in one hit :)
  5. We can't deport them because

    [marq=right]the PM promised we would - he has never knowingly kept a promise.

    New Liabour gave up our rights to deport anyone from an EU state some years ago

    they will soon be given the vote and 11,000 votes are likely to go to anyone calling themselves "socialist"[/marq]
  6. We need to outsource them abroad - as we do with call centres - to somewhere warm and nice like an island off S America.
  7. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Cooor, aren't you a clever wittle HTML guru! Like your style, and you point too.

    As a matter of interest, and in the interests of equality and fairness; if we are modifying our jails so they are suitable for foreign inmates . . . . are they going to put refrigeration units in for eskimos?
  8. Hang them all, chop up the bodies, put the pieces in small box's marked Menu B and send them to Africa as food aid.
  9. Given that the main reason the incompetent twats lost track of so many was that the crims were spread the length and breadth of, it seems like there's been an outbreak of common sense. Doubtless someone will lose their job over that.
  10. But it, as with all jails I've read in the press, just educates them in different tactics to offend and or remain in this country.

    Either way, it should be "You have commited a crime here, pay the price with your freedom for a set period and when you have completed that there will be an escort waiting in a van to take you to the nearest point of departure without recourse to appeal and you will then be deported and banned from entering this country for life. If you have family, they will be on the same plane with you"

    IMHO of course.

  11. What concerns me is that the jails have been "converted" to hold them. What does this mean?
    Ripping out the toilets and leaving holes in the ground with footprints on either side?
  12. Cant the RAF just accidentally drop a non practice exploding device on them?
  13. Violent Badger gets my vote.
  14. Off course this government will bend over backwards to make sure that foreign prisoners have a cushy time here, after all the PM has promised to look after the Interests of this Country and the British People.

    Am i missing the point here, Send the lot of them back to where they came from - End of over crowding problem, prison population down to below 70,000 ta da, millions of pounds saved, money that can be spent on useful things like body armour for troops or decent housing for them...... :pissedoff: :pissedoff:

  15. Yeah but what about the great culture they bring with them?

    Remember guys, unity in diversity.