Jailhouse Rock


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Yeah - there's three rapists arriving shortly. Can they help?
Has anyone done a song "Can't take the time, don't do the crime!"?

Or you could have Springsteen's "Dead Man Walkin'". Or, if you want to rub it in "Girls in Their Summer Clothes" :D

Anything by Culture Club, at the moment, of course.
each day
Can´t believe we are spunking 2million on scum. But, if it has to be done.

I volunteer to be DJ. Just match my Army Pay, pension and benefits.

I will play a selection of "classics", a bit like John Peel in reverse.

Slip knot, Whitney (of saturday night fame), Mr Blobby all the good ones.

I will play messagesf rom family at 3am for on ehour.

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