Jailed for noisy sex.


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"A woman accused of tormenting her neighbours with her noisy love-making has appeared in court. Skip related content
Related photos / videos Wife faces trial over 'noisy sex' Caroline Cartwright, 48, was remanded in custody until May 5 charged with three breaches of her Asbo in ten days.

Magistrates in Sunderland slapped her with a four-year order on April 17, banning her from "making excessive noise" anywhere in England.

But Houghton le Spring Magistrates' Court heard that police arrested her on April 18, April 22 and April 26 after neighbours complained she was flouting the ban with the help of husband Steve.

Prosecutor Claire Ward said there were complaints of early morning shouting, moaning, groaning and the sound of a bed banging against the wall. Cartwright was arrested on Sunday and charged with three counts of breaching her Asbo.

Cartwright, of Hall Road, Concord, Washington, Tyne and Wear, whose husband sat in the public gallery, elected trial by jury and her case will be transferred to Newcastle Crown Court.

A bail application from defence solicitor Peter Lothian was refused.

Cartwright was remanded in custody and ordered to appear via video link before Sunderland Magistrates' Court on May 5.

On April 17, she was convicted for five breaches of an abatement notice and fined a total of £515.

Magistrates also imposed the Asbo, banning her from making excessive noise, knocking, shouting, screaming or vocalisation that can be heard in neighbouring properties or outside the house, and playing loud music."

Seriously? Glad I don't live anywhere near her flaming neighbours - probably weren't getting any!
You'd think they would have arrested the other party to the beastly act too... probably her father what with it being sUNDERLAND!
That nearly happened to me once. Had bobbies round saying neighbours had complained about the noise. I was down right gobsmacked.

Mind you, babies do scream at an unimaginable amount of decibles.

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