Jailed Addicts to get payout!?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by stinker, Nov 13, 2006.

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  1. Don't know if this has been posted before can't see anything on the site so here goes:

    200 drug addicted prisoners are to receive thousands in compensation following allegations of torture in the stopping of them taking drugs whilst in prison.

    They have alleged a breach of their human rights by the Prison Service by encouraging them to take part in a treatment programme that involves "cold turkey" as the substitute Methadone is withdrawn.


    These people have been incarcerated by the law as they have broken it, probably as a result of their addiction. They are held at HM pleasure for which the taxpayer is footing the bill.

    They have recieved a treatment that also cost the taxpayer cash.

    They then have the audacity to claim damages which will also cost the taxpayer.

    God, give me strength, I say invoice these tw*ts for the time and money of the British taxpayer that has obviously been wasted on their rehabilitation and when they are unable to pay, jail them again.

    Comments please as I can't write anymore as the red mist is rising.

  2. Human rights.....what about mine when having a pint and enjoying a fag......not where people eat etc.
  3. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    I'll give 'em a payout! 9mil behind the left ear!!
  4. Berserker rage...vision going red...foaming at mouth...
    FFS! I dn't knw what grismy sh1t more; the scum who made the claim, the lawyers who represented them or the gutless politcos/civvies servants who bottled it and are now going to pay them off - WITH OUR FCUKING MONEY!
    I blame the police though; instead of making a big announcement every time they grab a load of drugs, keep sctum, cut the drugs with som fast acting poison and put it back on the streets. We'll son see a sharp reduction in the number of addicts. One way or another.
  5. Or more to the point druggies to get at least 3 x the cash that this firefighter has been almost (if I read the article correctly) been denied.

    Another thought where did the money come from for his employers to contest the claim.

    Wouldn't be the taxpayer again would it?

    Why do we tolerate these pr*cks in public office is there NOTHING we the public can do to remove them from their jobs and prevent them from wasting our cash?
  6. What a lovely bit of misdirection, Stinker!

    According to The Times "Six tests cases will now be tried at the High Court in London in November". Which means that a decision on culpability has not yet been made and no "thousands in compensation" has been allocated. Further I would point out that only six ex prisoners are currently claiming compensation.

    If You were quoting a newspaper report then I apologise, but would note that it is etiquette to link to the article quoted. (If it was a quote - it wasn't from the Daily Mail was it :roll: )
  7. Sven,

    First, must apologise to all as this thread has been done before I just didn't see it.

    Second, quote of 200 pax from Sky News, press, red press 2, select story.

    Third, 1, 5, 20, 200 the story is still worthy of derision.