Jail The Low Life Scum Mother...Well Done Dad

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by endex, Apr 21, 2007.

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  1. This has been on the news today, well done to dad for shopping them. Imagine the trauma these kiddies could suffer. Abuse is no fun at whatever age.

    Is this a complete injustice or what?

    Their dad had just returned from Iraq and found the tape..........check the story of women escape jail...for goading kiddies to fight each other!

  2. The only punishment which may just hit them... take away their fag money... :D
  3. Which part of 'already done' don't you understand?
  4. I know it is already done... but I was bored.. is that OK!! Just because something is already done does not mean to say that you can't say anything on that particular thread ... what are you the "already done monitor"..
  5. If you were bored, you could have followed my link and posted.

    Obviously that's too difficult for a troll.
  6. I felt sorry for the original poster on this thread ... I will make sure in future I keep to protocol.. sorry
  7. No probs, most try and kill off duplicate threads but it doesn't always work.
  8. Yeah! Do as you're fucking told Bettymoo FFS :roll:

  9. I cant believe what these people who they regard themselves as maternal woman could treat these beautiful children in such a inhumane. way . The father goes of to fight for queen and country believing he is leaving his children in the care of someone who will love and care for them like he does . To come back home and find this disgusting video of the trauma these little children as gone through must have hurt the father so much . Having a suspended sentence handed to them is a disgrace .
    I sincerely hope this woman and her relatives never have access to these children again .
    I sincerely hope in time the father will be able to get over this trauma that he and his children have had to endure and live a near normal life again .
  10. I might of fcuking known.
  11. Bore off fucking troll :yawnstretch:
  12. It isn't humane to make children fight you muppet. it's inhumane. :evil:
  13. Been done that! :D :D