Jail or deportation ?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Goatman, Oct 3, 2005.

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  1. Drain their blood for transfusions till they ask for an airticket

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  2. Swap them for Brits held abroad

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  3. Keep them in jail, deport them once sentence served

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  4. Jail them, then re-settle here.

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  5. None of the above: I say we.....

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  1. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

    Check this out:


    Why the hell can't we simply extradite these people to their country of origin ?

    Le Chevre
  2. Did you catch the US law officer on the Today Programme a couple of weeks ago? Had a Zero Tolerance thing for all his clients and imposed a pretty damn Draconian regime on those who ended up in his nick. He also did so at the minimum cost to the tax payer. I'm not advocating this for home-grown villains (the need to rehabilitate and all that guff) but as a deterrant to incoming bod boys and girls it has much to commend it....... not too sure on the Pa-in-Law's addition suggestion that they should be branded.....oh, I dunno.......
  3. It would be cheaper for the government to supply training or education in Nigeria and somehow make jobs available there - these women must be completely desperate to swallow bags of coke which could burst en route and kill them

    oh and it would be deportation Goatman - not extradition
  4. If all drugs, and I mean ALL drugs were made legal, this subject wouldn't be appearing in ARRSE!


  5. your point being?
  6. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

    I stand corrected Pops thank you....BTW, are you wearing your corrective outfit? ....the boots always do it for me :cool:
  7. All dealers, not just forign ones, should be put in camps and used for medical experiments/organ donations.
    I don't see why we should torture animals in the name of progress when we have an almost unlimited supply of drug dealers, nonces, chavs etc.
  8. Why use a perfectly good fox for hunting, we could any number of c*nts for this purpose, starting with drug dealers, illegal immigrants, chavs, pikies........
  9. It would be far cheaper to nail a spike through their temples when they are caught. It would also solve their "desperation" problem. They are fcuking scum who are ruining other peoples lives for financial gain.

    Kill them all.
  10. Chop their fcuking hands off for minor dealing offences. If it's anything more they should be hanged.

    And any pinkos who reckon this contravenes their human rights is welcome to come round my house while I explain a few things to them and give them a tour of my neighbourhood and show them exactly what drugs does to a community.

    Drug dealers are the lowest form of life. Even lower than politicians, journalists and pinko lefties.
  11. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

    hmmm....I always worry that I'm turning into a rabid, foaming at the mouth floggem,birchem then hangem Toryboy type in my old age......it seems from some of the ...er....more florid comments above that I'm in good company 8-O

    The thing that gets my goat is that these poor innocent Nigerian ladies are costing us a fortune to keep in Holloway when they could be gainfully employed turning large rocks into smaller rocks in their own country. ....but then I'm guessing that Nigeria has a slightly less cuddly attitude to drug smugglers than we do....anybody know what the sentence is they would have received for arriving in Lagos ( or indeed Kano) stuffed with cocaine ?

    Le Chevre
  12. doubt there much of demand for drugs in nigeria 6 months in jail and kick them out either the news is getting through back home or they don't care
    or they have little choice keeping them at the state expense is a waste of cash
  13. What's the matter Goaty? It makes sense to me. It's simple psychology: people won't do it if the benefits do not outweigh the disadvantages of being caught.

    I mean, what is to actually stop me going out and mugging an old lady? I could use some money for a good night out on the lash. I've no previous convictions, not even a formal caution. So, if I go and mug an old lady I could have a great night out on the lash. And even if I get caught, and even if there is enough evidence to convict me, all I have to do is hang my head in court and get my lawyer to say it was totally out of character and I get a suspended or community sentence.

    So although my own personal integrity and sense of right and wrong stops me from committing crime, is there any external factor dissuading me from going out and doing it? No.

    Now, if the penalty for mugging an old lady was to get beaten to within an inch of your life, that WOULD be a serious incentive to behave. And if the penalty for drug dealing was death, I am sure there would be a lot less people doing that. And even if it didn't reduce the immediate offending statistics, it would certainly reduce the chance of anyone re-offending.

    For the record, I don't consider this to be Far Right. I just can't believe how far Left the Centre has gone.
  14. Simple economics, as Bits said: The benefit of crime should be much less than the effect of the punishment multiplied by the probablity of being caught. That means either imposing draconian punishments or massively reinforcing the police. Of course, the latter option costs money, something HMG never seems to like spending outside themselves or headline-grabbing "initiatives". So I imagine NA will either do nothing or start leaning on the judge to impose harsher sentences.
  15. Would a fcuk-off big catapult strategically placed at Land's End be out of the question?