Jaguar/Land rover to be Sold to Indian Company

Very sad since I own a Freelander.

On the other hand, maybe the Indians will do a better job than the last guy did when he designed and made my car.

By the way, I have a Freelander for sale. Mine has been known to break down at the most inopportune moment. Like the last time I had a date.

If Rajiv Patel can fix it, then I say, take over old boy. Take over.

I bloody hope not!

I'm suprised at the sale to be honest.

LR and Jag are probably at the strongest point they've been for years with their current and future product line up. I know Ford are in a sticky position but they seem to have got rid of the potential Golden Goose. I know Jag has been on rocky ground for a while but I'm sure with the fantastic XF and the potential spin-offs, it will be a good investment and will go back into the black. LR will always continue to make a good couple of quid so long as the Indians dont turn them into tacky Americanised slushmobiles.

Edited to add;

Poke off with your Nazi views, thefentiger47. I'd rather have one hard working Muslim than 10 fcukwits of your ilk.
Fcuk off psycho, this is Current Affairs. The board you are looking for is the Arrse Hole.

Besides, the Injuns are far more likely to make a better job of running them than the Septics or Boxheeds.
I have watched the jap murder the British Bike industry and UK management and labour destroy the old UK car industry.
Jaguar & Land Rover where two outstanding leftovers that Ford took and failed to expand upon.
Ford have gone for a quick short term profit and now I consider that the US car manufacturers to be on the verge of bankruptcy, they are certainly Bankrupt of new ideas.
They have produced cars that cannot be sold outside the USA and as we watch the jap is slowly but surely doing to to them what it did to the UK Mortorcycle industy.
Buying British Steel and old UK manufacturing plants.
Good idea if your Brit management getting rid.
Chaps, will you stop with the knee jerk hostility, two things killed the UK car Industry and two things will save it;

1, Nationalisation of the UK Car Industry - remember that and who brought it in? It effectively destroyed the creative bedrock of what was a highly innovative if somewhat disjointed Industry by attempting to weld it into some sort of socialist ideal (NB only the French are any good at this sort of thing, even the Chinese rarely attempt it these days).

2, Once British Leyland was re privatised – i.e. the few bits that had not been completely destroyed or rendered a laughing stock then had to deal with the perils of the City of London in terms of finance and stock market survival. The City is a fabulous beast but is never sentimental and it demands constant proof of financial progress to the detriment of all else. Our Country represented by the modus operandi of the City does not nurture Companies as per the German model, which is why they have so many hundred year old manufacturing Companies, but why the World speaks English. You choose.

3 & 4. The saviours of the UK Car manufacturing Industry are India and China, both are Anglophone Countries with a massive respect for GB, many of them were raised on British derived brands and study of GB’s achievements is on the school curriculum (certainly so in China, over thirty million people a year learn about the Glorious Revolution of 1688, the Magna Carta, the Industrial revolution etc in school. Many more so than the NUT allows in Blighty eh?) More importantly they both have Family centric business models instantly recognisable to the individuals who actually started Jaguar, Aston and any of the firms upon which British wealth was built.

Tata the Company who has just been lucky enough to buy Jaguar and Land Rover also own Tetley’s tea – hardly a purchase that would be approved by the City of London as it does not add ‘core value’ it ‘distracts focus’ it ‘dilutes share holder value’ it’s not ‘sexy’. Does Mr Tata listen? Of course not, he bought it and woe betide the future generation that thinks of selling it (they will of course, the City’s whispers will seduce a great grandchild who wants to step out of his Grand Sires shadow and in a cloud of smoke it will all be gone).

In China the revamped Rover Group is doing great business, Long bridge is now a beach head into the EU, Rover should have moved into the Chinese Market rather than engaging in that very modern Western management practice of robbing the pension fund.

But there you go both Rover (Nanjing) and Tata will keep their UK factories, they will expand them, they will treat them like favoured sons.

And as to the future

Remember the words of Soichiro Honda the founder of Honda, he said ‘in the future there will be only five car companies in the world…. and Morgan cars’ – the quintessential British motoring brand, I believe he even owned one.

God Save the Queen!
jonwilly said:
Er Yeah I fink.
Let me put it like this Jag has been bought by a Anglocentric Family business this means that it will be around and in Britian for the next hundred years easily.

It could have been bought by Donald Trump....
armchair_jihad said:
jonwilly said:
Er Yeah I fink.
Let me put it like this Jag has been bought by a Anglocentric Family business this means that it will be around and in Britian for the next hundred years easily.

It could have been bought by Donald Trump....

For once I have to agree with a_j on this. From my experience in Asia I'd argue the Indians are pretty switched on business wise (even with their atrocious infrastructure) and from a pure business perspective this is an excellent deal for all parties concerned. In particular the level of integration between the various Tata business units and their desire to grow beyond their Indian base suggests Jag & LR could do rather well out of this.

Aside from Tetley, it's not that long since Tata bought Corus (the merged British Steel & Hoogovens) - haven't heard anything going pear-shaped since the new management got involved so best bet is to give them a chance with this new venture to prove its value.

Final point though - if it all goes t!ts up don't blame me - I didn't advise them :D

Shame. Can we not bring the two marqes back to Britain?

Mr Happy

Just my two pennies worth, I've worked in India (you can find my posts on here from that time, search my ID + searchword bombay) and I think the Indians are great. They are, at the risk of generalising, a great people who look up to Brits. As such, when visiting, it was (and is) important to be on your best behaviour as they look up to the ENGLISH. I'm 8 hours away from boarding a flight to HK, and the first person I'm going for beers with there is my old Indian colleague. He's CFO Asia and will still treat me as an equal even though, in corporate terms, I am so many rungs below him as to be calling Sir the bloke that cleans his shoes.

If TATA have bought an English company the employees should be bloody greatful. BMW nicked all the R&D when they bought L/R for 400m (which is all they needed to get teh X3 and X5 on the road) and then sold the rest. Ford was just playing the game of merger and merger to make its losses look less (e.g. if you are worth 1000quid on paper a 100quid loss is bad, but if the bank will lend you a 1000 quid to buy another company, you are worth 2000quid and the 100quid loss is half as bad).

As AJ says,


By the Grace of God, Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, Defender of the Faith, Empress of India
As someone who owned landrovers and range rovers for years, can I say that this can only be an improvement.
Whoever has owned LR up till now, the build quality, reliability and design have been third world at best, but without the third world benefit of easy repairability. The only thing keeping them afloat has been nostalgia.
I might actually go back to them now.

Mr Happy

LD3 was/is OK I understand. Mrs H recently nixed it as an option (the interior was ugly and the 6/7th seats too tricky (heavy, hard, my finger nails hurt) to open up/close down.

Friends with RR have had shocking experiences. Fcking posey tosspots.
Chuffed to bits with this news, anyone who keeps an eye the Indian motorcar/cycle industry will know that they do like their British designs. Hopefuly we'll see a few retro designs coming through, a modern take on the XK120 would be nice, Morgan have proved that you can make a profit on a small volume classic.
I can see a bright future for Defender, plenty of space in the Indian market for that type of vehicle, Ford only wanted to bin it because they produce a version with a new grill and headlights.
As someone who works in the UK auto industry, I have a poor opinion of the way ford runs businesses. It has consistently brought out vehicles which 'deminish the brand' but will sell reasonably well. They go for the short term profit at the expense of long term sustainability. Also, the politics and administration within the ford empire is a collosal millstone.

The indians are not good at designing cars .... (YET!) They are however, hard working and keen to learn so they will get there. I believe the stability that comes with the sale to tata could be a very good thing, provided the 'ford management style' can be removed from the company. (basically a ford manager will shaft the project he/she is working on if it will get them ahead! - thats the way the system works!) Hopefully, these companies can get back to ENGINEERING cars and then getting the profit in, rather than styling cars to the latest fad for a quick buck to make the next quarters results look good, at the expense of the following quarter.

i could go on all day.....


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