Builds Jagdpanzer Marder 1 Sd.Kfz.135. Tamiya 1/35th scale German tank Destroyer

First kit from Tamiya for me for a while, their usual quality packaging.
German mobile arty marder 1.jpg

the lid off
lid off moment.jpg

the kit has a colour scheme sheet, three options France 1944, whitewash Eastern front or Panzer grey France 42 43, when nothing was happening much, a bit of "ello ello" so that's out,
paint schemes.jpg

I'm going for the colourful France 1944.
france 1944.jpg
first steps, the floor of the fighting compartment, this will set the character of the whole model, with panzer grey underneath the cam colours.
instruction page 2.jpg
Is it finished? Have you put it in the glass case yet?
the kit photographs of one, probably at Kubinka tank Museum, is little help, it's been repainted since the war and there's a tiny flag there. I was expecting the exhaust and heat shield to look rusty, it wouldn't if it's been repainted and has never run since.
exhaust shield.jpg

the interior floor on mine will be well scuffed and worn.
in the back.jpg

the rear door, again no real help except for structure reference.
rear door.jpg

maybe a hint of dunkelgelb and rotbrun under the Soviet Bronze green.
The pics I have seen of that type in service always show the exhaust cover not rusted and with the camouflage paint intact, occasionally a bit of sooting around the vents in the cover but no rust. The other common thing is big globs of grease on the running gear.

If searching for reference images don't get hung up on the sdkfz number search for 'lorraine schlepper' and you turn up better images that show wear and how the chassis looks in service even if the best pics of are the "grille" version with the 15cm gun.

22 good pics here.
15cm schwere Feldhaubitze sFH 13/1 auf Fahrgestell Lorraine 37L code A245 | World War Photos
Thanks for those, very interesting images.

the hull fit is as you would expect from the big T, perfect. If you want to introduce someone new to modelling, their first kit should be a TAMIYA.
hull plate lower.jpg

hull front and back on.jpg
creeping along slowly, it's in competition for time with the glass cases I'm making at the moment, and the Indian wars diorama too.
hull in grey primer a.jpg

hull in grey primer b.jpg
the leaf springs have this pain in the ass mold line running right across the top, it's as visible as it is a pain to scrape off, new blade, magnifier and off you go.
scraping the mold line off the springs.jpg

assembled, all sins forgiven, the road wheels needed very little cleaning up, no mold lines running down the center of the tire.
springs assembled.jpg

building a Tamiya kit is a joy, it's so easy, the parts just fall together. Here are the springs and bogies in primer, ready to fit to the hull.
springs in primer.jpg
link and length in action here, the top length with molded waves showing the track wave tops that fit onto the return rollers. Glued in position, there's a tab molded onto the forward roller top to fit in a sprocket hole. Spot of liquid Contacta.
links a.jpg

the next spep is to apply individual links to form around the sprocket wheel teeth that join on a short length to the first roadwheel.
links b.jpg

the same process going around the TA wheel. That side is done.
links c.jpg

starting again on the other side. Using sprung tweezers to press the track in contact with the return roller.
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tracks assembled and painted in grey primer.
tracks in primer b.jpg

the next area of interest is the enclosed driving compartment, I don't like hatches shut if other crew members are out in the open, it's a cop out by Tamiya to not offer an open visor option.
drivers compartment a.jpg

run the new blade along the gaps and open it up.
drivers compartment b.jpg

with the parts loosely assembled.
drivers compartment f.jpg

now to paint the interior
drivers compartment g.jpg
with the interior of the drivers compartment painted white, a trial fit of the upper hull shows how much of the interior is viewable.
interior white through visor.jpg
with the hull assembled and the upper areas in white primer, you can see the origins of the base unit the French Lorraine tractor.
matt white.jpg

airbrushed under grey.
grey under colour.jpg
the massive superstructure plates added to make it a gun carriage.
wide sides a.jpg

these make the vehicle a lot wider, but they increased the internal space around the gun.
wide sides b.jpg

the pieces attach to the hull with brackets that give a positive glue surface.
wide sides c.jpg
Cheers Si, it's fitting together like a dream, a good one involving Linda Lusardi.

the gun test fitted to the mount.
gun trial fit.jpg

the figures supplied with the kit need a little liquid filler here and their, their poses are very good, watching the sky for Jaboos.
figures assembled.jpg
rear panel scraped to remove the primer from the joining surfaces.
rear hull plate.jpg

up and on.
hull back plate fitted.jpg

My panzer colours are all depleted, so I've got a Velejo set on order, so impressed by the Luftwaffe colour set, and they smell so, pleasant.
valejo paint set.jpg


and they smell so, pleasant.
Why am I suddenly reminded of one of my teachers at school dishing out a hand-out they'd run through the ol' duplicating machine.

The noise as a class of thirty-two teenagers all lifted the pages and simultaneously inhaled deeply was thunderous.
The final gasp of the lifecolour set of Panzer colours, this will now sit in the Sprocket tank park until the supply chain coughs up some paints.
overall coat yellow too light.jpg

that Gunner on the right looks like Jaques "big nose" Cousteau.
jack cousteau.jpg
questions : was the driver's access via the hatches on top of the hull or was he able to enter via the fighting compartment? Did the crew have seats or were they expected to sit in beside the driver?