Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by lancslad, May 31, 2007.

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  1. Now the absence of good quality TV in Singapore can and does present some issues. Thankfully DVDs are plentiful and Mrs lancs recently surprised me by getting hold of seasons 2 & 3 of JAG which introduce the delectable Catherine Bell :wink:

    Whilst watching the first couple of episodes I naturally (cough) focused on Catherine Bell. Moving away from the bod etc. (and as cover for letching) I pointed out to Mrs lancs that her character, a USMC Major wears scrambled egg on her peak cap whilst her US Navy colleague (Lt.Cdr)had none; a quick google search indicates that scrambled egg is only available for Cdr and above in the USN. Anyone know the reason, historical or otherwise for the different treatment?


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  2. I can think of 5 possible reasons:-

    1 The show's military advisor is a walt who doesn't know his stuff.

    2. The scrambled egg is real. She spilled it onto her hat accidentally during a rushed breakfast and it set solid.

    3. It's actually a dried up negligent discharge by the casting director that she had to, ahem, favour in order to get the part.

    4. She actually plays a Lt Col. I think the American insignia for major and Lt Col are the same emblem but different colours.

    5. IIRC I once read something about Royal Marine officer's ranks being equivalent to the Army/Navy/RAF rank above when a Royal Marine officer is at sea. Hence a RM major will have equal status with an army Lt Col or a RN Commander when at sea. I don't recall ever seeing a RM major with scrambled egg though. Perhaps the USMC does something similar.
  3. Its jag you spotter ,about as realistic as ultimate force.
  4. They are (Gold oak leaf and silver oak leaf), and are also the same insignia for LCDR and CDR.

    In earlier episodes she played a Major. However, the show is actually quite correct. For the Air Force, Army, and Marines, company grade officers (i.e. LT, CPT) have simple hats, field grades have scrambled eggs (Or farts and darts for the USAF), and generals have lots of stuff. In the Navy, the scrambled eggs only show up at CDR level. Are any ocean-going warships in the US Navy commanded by the rank of LCDR? I'm sure there's some reason for it.

    The tradition as I recall it is that if a Marine with the rank of captain is aboard ship, he is addressed as 'Major' in an honorary promotion, as there is only one Captain aboard ship, and that's THE captain.

    I don't know if that tradition is still followed in any country's forces, however.

  5. Can I give Catherine Bell one, instead of the twins on Big Brother???
  6. is it really :? ffs woody :D engage brain next time mate :roll:

    C_T - cheers :D and since its a public holiday today I can get back to enjoying the episode where she sticks her chest out :p

    SkiBum - get in the queue :wink:

  7. Catherine Bell is of Iranian descent and was born in London...mmm.....
  8. Catherine Bell has become a Scientologist. Right up there with Tom and Katy, John Travolta, Forrest Whittaker, Kirstie Alley, Lisa Marie and Priscilla Presley, Beck, Leah Remini, Frank Stallone, Juliette Lewis, Isaac Hayes and Edgar Winter, to name but a few of the Hollywood contingent.

    From Wikipedia:
    "Height: 5'10", 178 (cm) Measurements: 34C-24-35 (inches), 86-61-88 (cm)"


    "Bell is an experienced marksman (marksperson ?)who has spent considerable time at shooting ranges."

    Likes firearms and is 5'10". Can't be all bad!
  9. RM lieutenants, captains and majors were considered senior to their equivalents in the other services until a couple of years ago (about 10 I think). It was then decided that they should be the the same as in the army. Thus certain appointments went up one rank eg. company OCs were generally captains before, then became majors. Quite a few major's jobs became lt-cols appointments.
  10. It is the same with the Brits as well, a major has "scrambled egg" - I can't remember what it is really called yet a Lt Cmdr in the RN doesn't. I THINK it is because a Lt Cmdr is still considered to be a junior officer in the navy but am quite prepared to be corrected. If you want a proper answer, try Rumration, I'm sure the booties will explain why.