Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by woopert, Nov 4, 2003.

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  1. I just flicked over the tv and watched JAG, the rather unbelievably crap US Navy law programme that passes for a "drama". The plot line was the trial of a US Navy pilot who managed to drop a 500lb bomb on a British exercise and kill 3 British soldiers. So far that plot is highly believable! But........ in the space of a 50 min programme I watched:

    A made-up TV pundit comment that the incident happen because the British were incompetant and the pilot was blameless and it was a scandal that he was being tried.

    A "British Officer" that was so outrageously stereotypical to be laughable

    A concerted effort to make the British look bad

    The inevitable acquital of the pilot when it was found that he had mistaken afreak phenomenon for AAA.

    Ok, so it's predictable that a hollywood programme would make the US pilot out to be innocent and the British out as incompetant amateurs, but what annoyed me was that as far as "Billy Joe Jim Bob" in the good 'ole mid-west (or wherever) will watch this and believe the crap that the programme suggests.

    Isn't it about time an episode of Red Caps strings a US soldier up for being a "yeee-hah" gollerin', gun slinging, British soldier murdering lunatic just to even the balance? :roll:
  2. Well said
  3. So you want factual documentary and not fictional drama?
  4. did you see that JAG episode where they had to contact a member of the IRA? so the JAG team went to Dublin, which even though it was obviously supposed to be modern day, it looked like Victorian London and everyone was wearing flat caps and bowler hats saying 'gord blimey govner' in irish accents, and there were running gun battles with nasty British troops in between the red double decker buses. I didnt realise that we still had troops in Dublin.
  5. Why do you watch it? The TV show "JAG" is crap. For example, it has a 25-30 year old female masquerading as a Lt Col lawyer in the US Marine Corps. The USMC has no lawyers - they're all Navy types. She does have large breasts, though, which is the her main reason for existence. Not that it's a bad thing.

    This show has all the validity and reality of, say, "The A-Team" or some other such out-dated fantasy. If it wasn't for the multiplicity of cable channels offered here in the US, it wouldn't even be on the air.

    Friends of mine in the legal profession (one in the military) tell me that the legal aspect of the show is also flawed.
  6. I think you may have answered your own question there!
  7. Large breasts.......Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. 8)
  8. Off to the loo. Back in 10 minutes :wink:
  9. As long as that, eh?
  10. If you like co-joined twins that is. I hear they are joined at the ****.

    Rather put me tackle on the Edinburgh to Kings Cross main line then get an African Bull elephant lick the winnets off me chalfonts.
  11. You could try shotguns missus


    or failing that, Flashes twin sister


    You may need to take Flashes uniform off her first though
  12. Ok, that family pic was taken a while ago. We now have chainmail underpants and leather bottom protectors.

    You're better off getting hooked up with ORGs mum though as Ive heard she does 'A'.


    (Shes the chick on the right called 'Simon')
  13. isn't the show a little reassuring for us 'duh' civilians, you know they always get the bad guy. and in honesty as we sit here, night after night looking at the tv, all we know is, in the world of dinner time viewing, the guys in white hats always win, the good guys, you guys, so if we flick over and hit the news in our reality, you always win. sad logic, but give me JAG over the reality that bites from time to time. sorry, i'm just counting days.