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JAG: Mrs sknn and I used to watch JAG on sky FX289 before moving to Cyprus. I don't normaly like soap opera, but this one was so good... I've tried to find it on DVD but no one seems to have it. Nothing on Amazon BOL or E-bay (including thier US sites) anybody got any idea where I can get the whole series?

I noticed some one has an avatar of Catherine Bell - why can't all marine officers look like that?


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Thanks for the link. $300 for the whole TV series! I have a feeling that I will never swing that by 'She that must be obeyed' but I'll try.
Its the same with mrs riverclerk!! Whenever I want something its always too expensive, but whenever she wants something, no matter the cost, Its always a bargain!!
It lost it's magic for me after the NI episode whick looked like 1920's chicago with the left over cars from the sweeney and inspector morse
The ni episode was really funny though every Americian cliche about Northern ireland . Bigoted Ruc officers, Brave but misguided freedom fighters .The red double decker with carnaby street as a destination was one of the more relastic bits .
The ira man going out by ramming a pig in a car classic comedy :lol:


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Oddly enough Mrs sknn thinks $300 is a bargain so stand by for hours of viewing pleasure chez sknn.

Oh and I agree the NI episode was woeful.
I don't usually watch American TV Series, but I do make an exception with JAG. It forms part of my sad and lonely life, every night on FX at 2000. It is a good series, but did go down the hill towards the end. You will also note from my Avatar that a certain USMC Lt Col does it for me too. I have been looking to collect the series and found it hard. Cheers for the link. Last night Mac finally didn't marry that false Aussie, who later topped himself in real life. A real life Walt, if you are interested, just google Trevor Goddard.
Occasionally, some bright spark who tapes them, sells the entire series on Ebay so if you want it cheaper try there. I must say though that I prefer Lt Cmdr Brumby to Clayton Webb - the smug b*****d...he has the face that I just want to keep punching. Got back from the sandpit and watched the entire series everyday for 9 months. Annoyed the wife no end especially as it was on at my son's bedtime! Even my 2 year old recognises it and have got him to watch it! Mind you...FX does show some superb shows at the moment, really getting into Third Watch and NCIS....
Yes FX is good. But I have to say that I detest that coffee swilling wnaker on Navy NCIS. There was an episode of JAG where the two series came together and I wanted to kill him. Sign of a good actor I suppose.
Agree, JAG is a great series and I've been watching for a couple of years now.

Must do wonders for US Navy/US Marine Corp recruiting (until they find out its nothing like what they see in the series :wink: ).
smoojalooge said:
best thing on fx is the re-runs of tour of duty
The second series was shockingly bad, but the first series was good and the second half of the final series kicked some serious ass. The Phu An massacre, that green private getting blinded in the failed POW-rescue attempt, brilliant stuff!

The pilot was excellent as well: movie-quality good. Loved the bit where they arrive in a 'hot LZ', taking sporadic fire from a treeline, so the new platoon commander orders a charge, and everyone just ignores him, so he starts kicking them forward, and the sergeant just grabs him, holds him down, refuses a direct order to attack, and calls in artillery instead. He doesn't even apologise.
SierraBravo wrote:
"Must do wonders for US Navy/US Marine Corp recruiting (until they find out its nothing like what they see in the series)"

What? You mean that all lawyers have hearts and will help any poor Seaman First Class - i.e a private - get into the fighter pilot scheme because he illegally flew a F16? That a fighter pilot can become a lawyer in one easy step? That a Commander/Lt Col can become Acting JAG when there are captains and commodore's based in the same office? That said commander/Lt Col can spend days/weeks on a nuclear submarine but not go through the dolphin course? Shame on you for destroying my preconceptions about (US) Navy life...
I think you are missing the point a tad. Prospective recruits would not know about Navy/ Marine methodology, so it probably was agood recruiting tool. It may be as realistic as Dads Army, but it doesn't matter. Do you moan at the coyote not falling down the cliff till he realises he's in the air? And anyway, it wasn't an F-16, it was a T-34 Charlie Trainer

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