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The company car goes back at the end of the year and considering taking the allowance instead and getting an XF, from what I can glean they get the thumbs up all round, any good or bad feedback from the ARRSE?
In my late 50s now and always wanted a Jag, but could it be just an expensive vanity project?


I am seriously considering an XF Sportingbrake for all my fishing and pipe band crap that i have to lug about.

Trouble is, the 2.2 diesel which I would go for and auto combo gets a bit of a slating. Its an 8 speed auto and is meant to be a pain when driving on country roads as it constsantly hunts up and down. I am off for a test drive in 2 weekends time so hopefully i will fing out if its fact or motor journalists fiction.

Otherwise, it gets a fantastic write up and reviews. Needless to say, the 3.0 V6 engine is meant to be the business...but at the expense of MPG. 6.6 seconds 0-62 is pretty nippy for a car this size.
I bought a 3.0L V6 in December. Went for second hand as Jaguar were offering two years free warranty and servicing. I am delighted with it.

Had most of the Boxheadmobiles in the past but checked out what was on offer in the local garages. Didn't find anything to compare with the XF in terms of quality, comfort, interior and performance. And it looks gorgeous. It appears to have been designed by someone who loves cars rather than a Frankfurt beancounter.

Plus the salespeople at the German marques seem to have got their interpersonal skills from Rudolf Hess. Not surprisingly three of my friends have gone from 5 Series to Jags.

I have a VW Caddy people carrier which I use as a van for trade shows. I need to upgrade to a larger vehicle/van. The VW is fine but I am thinking of getting a Sportbrake and a trailer instead of upgrading to a VW Transporter. The XF came top in some caravan magazine so should do the job. Then I will have another decent car for the 95% of the time I don't need a van. Result.

My experience is that mileage is pretty good - mid to high 40s (diesel, not that you would know).

I was looking at a list of cars for sale and there was a totally specced up supercharged XF which tempted me. The salesman guided me gently away from it as it turned in around 15mpg. "Step away from the supercharger Sir". If I still had a company petrol card I would have been straight into it.

I am with you on the age/Jag thing. I am ancient enough to remember the old saying "there are two types of people. Those who drive Jags and those who don't".

I did a long test drive on a 2.2. It was fine but when push came to shove it was stick your money where your heart is and get the V6.
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Fantastic machine. Rides smooth as anything, decent milage, only downside is it might be a bit too powerful for town work, if you do a lot of motorways, you're fine


off to touch one at lunch time (been watching on line and with brochures etc since 2012). Even the missus is happy for me to take the plunge, mind you didnt mention the price.
off to touch one at lunch time (been watching on line and with brochures etc since 2012). Even the missus is happy for me to take the plunge, mind you didnt mention the price.

Interesting phrase. They are very tactile cars. Must be all the gentle curves reminding me of something. Can't quite put my finger on it.

Mrs T/S was dead set against a Jag. Hated them. Thought they were unreliable and old blokes cars (errr, I am 60 FFS).

Trawled around all the different dealers. Ended up in the Jag dealer " just to have a look". Reliability: J D Power winner two years running. Codgermobile: take it for a drive.

Net result was that she loved it. She drives it all the time and dumps me with the Caddy. Not sure how that works.

She always had her heart set on a 911. The trips to the Jaguar showroom convinced her that what she really wants is an F Type and sod the Boxhead police cars. Finding the £££££££s could be deeply problematic.
Don't tow with an XF Tedson. You will be doing 90 in the outside lane because you will have forgot your towing.
Only played with a friends xf but great car.
I bought mine a few months ago.
3.0 Diesel Premium Luxury.

By far the best car I've ever bought, by far the most expensive I've ever bought and the only car I've never had any second thoughts about after I've bought it.
Like Tedsson I bought mine from a main dealer, shop around then go to Jaguar, you'll find they offer as good a deal as anybody if not better.

38mpg around the doors, 44mpg on run (80-85mph)

Its quick, sure footed and practical to run. I'd have no hesitation in recommending one. But buy at least a 3.0 diesel, its a reasonably big car and a 2.2 just isn't big enough (its for the company car market, not the ideal)

Never thought I'd be happy with diesel performance, I've had a lot of big petrol's, straight 6's, V8's, V12's and I like a car that can dance. For a diesel the XF is astonishing and its a quick car by any standards

You've only got to look at it and know it leaves anything German looking a bit dull.
Now all my pop-up ads are for Jaguar and VW.

I knew I was getting old when the salesman in the dealership asked me what I was looking for in terms of spec.

"DAB radio, heated seats and split folding rear seats".

He seemed a bit perplexed as he was expecting me to bang on about engine, turbo, performance, mpg etc.

"That's a fairly specific set of requirements Mr T/S".

"Well I can't listen to the crap on broadcast radio/I broke my back and heated seats help me/Mrs T/S has to get her cats in the back. I know it has everything else already".
Proof of the effectiveness of ARRSE's targeted advertising:

I went with my younger brother who unfortunately looks considerably older than me, when went to look at some Hyundai or Kia or something.

When the dealer asked what sort of spec/extras he was thinking of, I butted in;

"BiFocal windcreen, seat cushion incontinence detectors, sunvisor bus pass holder, extra loud radio permanently tuned to BBC local radio, and a nice selection of driving hats (think deerstalker not baseball cap)"

Surprisingly my brother declined the test drive


well went for a drive at lunch and selected some options and well not yet signed up but if Im honest a done deal, methinks I will be in to place an order before the week is out.


did have some problems with what to do with my left hand, normally changing gear, oh well suppose I will just have to get used to it . . .
did have some problems with what to do with my left hand, normally changing gear, oh well suppose I will just have to get used to it . . .

That should take all of sixty seconds.

You need a free hand to fiddle with all the gizmos.

You WILL start wondering if the posh bird on the satnav likes a bit of rough.

You WILL smash yourself in the chest when you open the rear door. Repeatedly.

This has been a lucky thread for me as I got my car back today. Doris is driving the VW as the XF has apparently got a monster BFO spider in it. I wah you not. I just need to keep feeding it flies and I am laughing.
I made a mistake with mine, I got the 3.0 petrol, nice, quick, powerful with a nice big cat purr.

I was doing about 1000 miles per week and the mpg is appalling. A full tank gets you about 300-335 miles, not good.

Inside its very basic in comparison to the german kit but the looks are second to none, its a very pretty car

The satnav is probably the worst I've had in any vehicle.

Very comfortable ride, still a good looking motor, but avoid the petrol and get a diesel.
About 560 miles to a tank on a 3.0 diesel

The 3.0 diesel comes as 240bhp or 275bhp in the S version, I think the 3.0 petrol is about 240bhp and Jaguar have discontinued it in the UK market as a bit pointless.
I believe it continues in supercharged 4wd drive form for ROW


My x type was recalled for a cruise control fault and they blew the loom. Had an XF for 6 weeks whilst they sorted it. Loved the car, looks the muts nuts, drives like a dream but I had more customers whine about what we charged them as they were paying for my posh car. As much as I want to get one I don't think my customers would be happy. Perhaps when I hang up my spurs!

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