Jaffa Cola

No Shit, a man without spanners can't fix a car.

Where can I get a high paid job to pronounce to the world the bleeding obvious.

men with fewer sperm generally have a higher risk of being infertile.
tiger stacker said:
Is Pepsi safe then :?
Not really. Look what happened to Michael Jackson.
How about a nice deskjob? It seems that sitting on your bum, in front of a computer is bad for your jewels. The children that I know who drink lots of cola, spend lots of time on their bum in front of a computer (PS3 or something...)
When I told that to a mate he started about the ECM's and jammers we use in Afghanistan and how nice they are to your balls. You're basically walking around with a microwave strapped to your back with the door still open...
Why doesn't anybody tell us anything about that?

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