Jaffa Cakes - My Favourite Biscuits

Yes, I know they're cakes and not biscuits (proven in a court of law)... But they're my favourite biscuits anyway.

Just wanted you to know. :)
Custard Creams. Classic!
They have their charm... But they ain't Jaffa Cakes.

See? Isn't this better than sullying your keyboard with words like 'Afghan' and 'Dow'?
Coconut Macaroons.
I'm on Morrisons "Oaties" at the mo....
Like a less sugary Hob Nob. Good for dunking. Whats a Dow? You're not on about those little Egyptian boats are you?
Any Bie-quit is the best, as long as you ain't bought it!


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plain chocolate digestives for teh win.
Nah. Jammy Dodger go soft if you dont eat them straight away. Besides, the baked custard centre in a custard cream can be eaten more effectively when you split the biscuit. You just can't do that with a Dodger....
Aaah, not another biscuit thread, take a break, that a Kit Kat, please!
Surely a plate or barrel with a mixture on is the way to go? Custard creams, ginger nuts (stop that sniggering in the back) and chocolate digestives. Not Jaffa cakes, though.
Custard Cream... Jaffa Cakes.... all nice to eat with your coffee/tea break




Tunnocks Caramel Wafer biscuits was my favourite way back when I used to eat sweet sugary, fatty, salt laden garbage.
Caramel Logs. I've been known to kill my kids for the last one.


I like Iced Gems, but am never sure if they are classed as sweets or biscuits?!

Lifes just so complicated sometimes..................

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