Jade vs. Shilpa

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by whit_RE, Jan 18, 2007.

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  1. Queen of Chavs

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  2. Bollywood Princess

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  1. Forget all that other bollocks, lets get down to it...which one would you rather shag?

    Jade still does it for me...plenty of ATM will keep her gob shut :lick: :donut:
  2. Got to be Shilpa, top body on her, and boat race to match.

    I couldn't do Jade Goody without thinking of her "Do as you likey" (Pikey) origins as well as the fact that she's a minger.
  3. How many fcuking threads does this non-story need?
  4. its the reactions that keep me going :winkrazz:
  5. I'm with Whit. this is a proper Naafi bar discussion of the upmost importance. Far more so than the racism ballcocks, which is very tedious.
  6. It is bollox, it's nothing more than a scareup job to get people watching this bollox. I'd love OFTEL to ask the producers for the phone numbers of those that 'initally complained'. I'd especially like to know who pushed the story out.

    Fcuking rubbish, chav TV at it's worst, full of people I couldn't give a shit about. But the producers are creaming their pants everytime they get another bit of free advertising on the web.

    Fcuking garbage. Put a pit in the garden, make them kneel in turn beside it while someone plays Russian roulette behind them


    Still, well done Carphone warehouse for pulling the plug on this fcuking cesspit.
  7. The 19 who've voted so far think just one more.....

    Beebs x

    PS IF I had to pick it's NOT be the minger.

  8. ......with a Bren gun.
  9. Race is not the issue here, let the thread stand independently...unless of course we could organise a race, the winner to shag Sherpa Van and the runner up to have a pop at Faded Goodies?
  10. I'd rather nail my nads to the table than watch cbb...but my animal urges will not be ignored...
  11. Agree with all the above, PTP, but your posting is the longest in this thread by far.

    Go on - you love it really!
  12. Why don't you add them up PTP? Or do you actually have something better to do with your evening? :p

    I'd take the other one anyday. I'm known for my completely tolerant approach to all races; they're all pink inside :D
  13. Your right you would think they were rioting in India over this non-story.
    you would think that this shilpa was a national treasure of India or summat.
  14. UMMMMMM a bit of eastern promise........ :hump: ,sh1t mrs leveller, change screen.
  15. I'm not aware of the Carphone Warehouse pull out. PTP can you elaborate more?