Jade Goody Supporters Club

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by HappyNomad, Jan 3, 2009.

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  1. [​IMG]

    If she said, " bung me a length now you brute", how many of you arrser macho bigknobb superstuds are going to say no?

    Not many is my guess but no doubt you secret "knobJadeInMy Dreams" brigade will want to differ.

    (Under EU rules, the lack of a genetical knob does not automatically exclude Maiden Arrsers)
  2. As a bit of balance;


    I'd rather stuff a bag of wasps down my undercrackers than even get a remote sexual feeling towards that blob of pork. If ever I did feel as if I wanted to get aroused by that mutated carcass, please shoot me in the face. She is as horny as a Ford Fiesta spare tyre and I hope she dies in a freak yachting accident.
  3. well at least she has big knockers
  4. So has my mum but I wouldn't want to fuck her.
  5. pics plz

  6. Id sh*g it
  7. I'd hit 'er in the sh*tter!
  8. I think that (might be wrong on the name) the singer *Tracey McCollich* died in a freak boating accident. i might start a group on facebook. Freak boating accident awareness. it is clearly wiping out a lot of celebs. Maybe its an Arrser doing voodoo?
  9. Jade Goody Supporters Club - words that'll bring dollar signs to the eyes of any chiropractor.
  10. Jade supporters club, she is going to need a lot of them................................. to carry her coffin cos she is a heavy fat munter, when she finally clogs it due to the fact she neglected her health to spend more time drinking and eating at Maccies.
  11. Kirsty MacColl was an English singer and songwriter who was killed by a power boat at the age of 41 whilst scuba diving with her sons in a restricted diving area off Cozumel, Mexico on 18th December 2000.
  12. There's a smarty pants in every thread :roll:
  13. Please accept my apologies for injecting a little accuracy into the thread.

    It was probably a knee-jerk response to revisiting my breakfast as a result of seeing the picture the Flash kindly provided.
  14. well i wasnt far off, thanks for that.

    wonder what her last words were though...

    "Holy propellor!"

    (for those who dont know (again correct me if i am wrong) she was attacked by an angry boat and was blended.
  15. I think Jade is fantastic......a fantastic role model for all fat ignorant slobs everywhere. She's letting them all know what fate has in store for them. Keep it up Jade !!!