Jade Goody gets worse

Can´t believe the daft muppet didn´t seek help earlier... like I don´t know the FIRST time she was told about her cancer.
If it started to move she will will be riddled with it by now... No stopping it now... with luck.
brettarider said:
Biscuits_AB said:
Hasn't she got a cracking set of tits?
Not for much longer if the cancer's spread!
Anyways they will be down round her ankles in a few years fucking munter
The way things are going, it doesn't look like she has got a couple of years :twisted:

As was said earlier, who gives a toss :lol:
The only reason I'd have for not wanting Jade to pop her clogs in an extended and painful way is the fact she has two kids. Losing a mum is pretty awful for any kid. I was only 5 when I lost my mother in Savacentre and it's haunted me ever since. Stupid, loose cnuted whore.
Hasn't she got a cracking set of tits?
So, are you suggesting that we hack her head off at the lower neck and her torso off just below said knockers just so we can fully appreciate her beauty... 'cos if you are you're as mad as a sack of monkeys...
Her publicist, Max Clifford, gave the details to the press before JG had even woken up after her op. That says it all really.

She's has a hysterectomy and the cancer has spread into other parts of her abdomen. It's classified as stage 3 which is, I believe, one stage below terminal. In these circumstances, I'm told average life expectancy is about two years.

She's in for a hell of a time with drugs akin to battery acid being injected till her veins collapse. She'll lose her hair and possibly her teeth and fingernails too depending on the drugs she gets. If you think she's fat now, just wait till she's been on the steroids for a few months - she'll resemble the gay bloke off Little Britain.

I wouldn't wish what she's in for on my worst enemy.
She's had a hysterectomy, and thus is unable to bear anymore children.

If she didn't already have kids, She'd definatley be a nominee for a Darwin award.

Oh well, when she kicks the bucket, I'll look after her kids. Maddie could use something to do until I get home from work.
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