Jade Goody axed by Comic Relief



Jade Goody has been axed from Comic Relief in the wake of the Celebrity Big Brother race row.

Organisers had filmed a Question of Sport spoof in which Goody appeared with comics Jack Dee and Frank Skinner.

But they have decided to drop the sketch from BBC One's Red Nose Night charity telethon on 16 March.

A Comic Relief spokesman said the sketch felt "out of date" and they were concerned it could detract attention from the fundraising.

"Recent events have overtaken us and the show, which was recorded last November, now feels out of date," the spokesman said.

"Red Nose Day is all about raising money and anything that could potentially detract from this is not helpful."

'Nasty' behaviour

Goody caused an international uproar with her behaviour toward fellow Big Brother housemate Shilpa Shetty.

She referred to the Bollywood actress as "Shilpa Poppadom" and told her she needed to spend a day in the slums.

More than 40,000 people complained to media regulator Ofcom about her comments.

On leaving the Big Brother house, the 25-year-old said her behaviour was "nasty" adding: "I'm not racist, but I can see why it has had the impact it's had."

She later admitted herself to the Priory rehab clinic.
No real loss there then :thumright:

She will get over it and return to her previous vocation of gob nurse :thumright:



A good axing is just the thing for her. I liked Jeremy Clarkson's description of her
Never mind newsreaders in drag, that's one act I would donate money for...


War Hero
You had me going there: I thought the topic read: Jade Goody Axed FOR Comic Relief!! That would raise a ton of cash instantly!!!!


"If you want to see jade goody hacked to death on live tv, we need to raise a million pounds in the next hour, so get to those phones... "

( cue boring 5 min ad for phone lines with sad music and pictures of african kids playing football bare foot)