Jacqui Smith to resign

Pity she is not resigning period!!!! But sorry she would not get her big Brucie bonus if she goes now would she??? Better to wait until the election when she can claim even more from the tax payer!! total waste of space.


Every little helps I suppose. Just remember that there are plenty more of her sort waiting to take her place :cry:
Miner said:
Jumped before she was pushed?

Now lets bring on the fraud charges and see how she enjoys being on the recieving end of her own pathetic policies.

And lets see who replaces her,the options are wide open as a lack of talent,intelect and ability are apparently no bar to holding one of the highest offices in the crazy world of Gordon Brown.
Oh dear,Sky's politiacal reporter just said Broon is loosing control of his government..Talk about understatement...
Now another three are going.

Three Labour MPs Standing Down At Election

2:24pm UK, Tuesday June 02, 2009
Three Labour MPs, including one minister, have announced they will stand down at the next General Election.

Patricia Hewitt, David Chaytor and Beverley Hughes

David Chaytor MP, who has been suspended from the Parliamentary Labour Party over his expenses, said his priority in the next few months was to "explain my errors".

The MP for Bury North claimed almost £13,000 of taxpayers' money for a non-existent mortgage.

He will pay back the sum and has been suspended from the parliamentary party pending an investigation by the sleaze watchdog and Labour's "star chamber".

"This will be time-consuming and stressful," Mr Chaytor said.

"I have referred my case to the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards and will co-operate fully with his inquiry."

He added: "I do not want my self-inflicted problems to be a distraction to my party's campaign as we move towards the General Election."


How the bloody hell do you get a 'non existant mortgage?'
Surely you'd have to produce exidence of a mortgage in order to make a claim? :evil:
If we did that we'd be locked up for FRAUD!! But he'll get away with it as it's alright because he's paying it back. (probably at £2 a week!)
trowel said:
Every little helps I suppose. Just remember that there are plenty more of her sort waiting to take her place :cry:
Luckily the vast (I say again, vast) majority of the British public won't be voting for them, so they won't get in.


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BBC R4 are reporting that she will step down at the next reshuffle. Downing Street are dismissing it as 'speculation'.
Mr_Deputy said:
Mandy's getting Foreign Sec.
Please tell me you're having a little giraffe...

Still, he could probably do with a nice 'Grace & Favour' mansion, I mean to say, have you seen the prices for a decent address?

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