Jacqui Smith speaks.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Blogg, Sep 27, 2007.

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  1. And what a uselsss waste of blood and organs our new Home Secretary is.

    Here is an extract from her latest little speech:

    "Violent crime at its lowest for a decade. Record numbers of police, working with thousands of community support officers. The chances of being a victim of crime at their lowest for 25 years.

    Of course, tragic events rightly make us question if we're doing all we can.

    But to suggest - as David Cameron and David Davis have - that Britain is a broken society, that there is anarchy on our streets, is just plain wrong.

    The two Davids. What a pair they make.

    While one was on manoeuvres with the Territorial Army, the other was plotting midnight raids on Eton's tuck shop. "


    Never mind the fact that that everything is very clearly not OK: the murder of children, random shootings and rampant violence against the helpless are just the odd "tragic event" and we might wonder "if we're doing all we can"? OF COURSE YOU ARE BLOODY WELL NOT!

    That is bad enough but to cite TA activity as an example to show how dreadful someone is?

    I knew she was cr@p but Jesus this woman is wholly and utterly appalling
  2. Agreed - most politicians are a waste of space. however, mocking someone because they did their duty to the country is beyond the pale and she should be thoroughly ashamed of herself for stooping so low! On the plus side, she must have a speechwriter with excellent musical taste - how many Home Secretaries have namechecked not one but two Sex Pistols tracks in a keynote speech :twisted:
  3. push her in a pond with a couple of buckets of concrete round her neck and then call the CSOs - Now who's doing all they can. Sorry, that was a bit off target - who ever is writing her speaches needs a good kicking, they come across like a wet beer fart.
  4. It shows how out of touch with reality the Liebour party are, a pox on all Liebour MP's and their supporters.
  5. Personally I think her speech writers are doing an excellent job. When spin, smoke and mirrors are so patently obvious then that's a good thing.
    Even the "eh oop, my dad voted Liabour so that's good enough for me" crowd might see this bunch of charlatans for what they are............then again.........
  6. I can not express my anger at this, words fail me. I am writing to the PM, The MoD and the 2* TA. I urge all to do the same.
  7. I don't know who writes her speechs but thats well out of order, does anyone have the stats on how many TA have been killed or wounded since 2003?

    I can feel a letter coming on.

    Edit - Remind me, who's that TA rupert in the house of commons again?
  8. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

  9. Sent the following to her website.

    quote I am appalled at your speech at the Labour Party conference this week. To cite someone who does his duty for Queen and Country, irrespective of which party he belongs to, is so unbelievably disgraceful, but probably expected from a party that does little, if anything to support the Armed Forces.

    Further, to suggest crime is going down and the chances of being a victim of crime is at the lowest for 25 years, must mean that one of us is in a parallel universe. County police commanders have been publicly stating for the last few months that the rise in crime is stretching their resources to the limit. I wonder if the 15 publicised murders of children and teenagers in the last 2 years is ficticious.

    I have never written to an MP before but am so riled by your comments that I find them disgraceful, particularly as a family man with two young children that I am physically worried if they go into their local town, as I am fearful of the escalating crime rate.

    Please do not treat us, the voter and electorate, as stupid. You do yourself, your party, your gender and your country a huge dis-service by your lies and hypocracy unquote

    That was the toned-down version as the kids just walked in
  10. What fcking twat. She should have to apologise for inferring the TA isnt a good thing. You know, what them being at war and that.

    I just stood up for the TA. 8O
  11. She's an absolute disgrace and to cite David Davis for performing his duties in the TA shows the contempt Jackie Spliff and her crew have for the Military,and also her ignorance as due to her govts Defence cutbacks at a time of war we're relying on part time soldiers more than what we should.
    However,the deadheads in her constituency will vote for her,for F!!ks sake!!
  12. David Davies - comes from a one parent family, brought up on a council estate, grandfather a Jarrow marcher. not only found time to educate himself and make a personal fortune but also was a Volunteer with the hooligans rising to Sqn Commander.

    Everything the fat useless Labour twats hate.
  13. Disgraceful, but par for the course from this shower of over-promoted lawyers and social workers. Milliband was almost as bad yesterday.
    The sad thing is, they have so many people in the country reliant on them getting back into power that it is likely they will come out in front again whenever Broon decides to go to the country.
    God help us! :x
  14. Its also pretty hypocritical for Spliff to have a go at Cameron for his priviledged upbringing considering that Blair was just as well educated and priviledged in his younger days.
  15. DD is about the only politician I have any time for -- and not just because of where he came from. The man speaks absolute sense. Why oh why isn't he Tory leader?