Jacqui Smith - outstanding!!!!

whatever floats your boat Oil_Slick
Author: Jacqui Smith
My husband and me reli enjoy it with our mum's spagetti. I love these guys, u noe, esp. Valentino! He juz got the right size for me!
Took me a while to figure it out, made me giggle a little.
LOL<LOL<FFS, priceless


Book Reviewer
Very good.
I wonder if gay porn rocks her boat?
tropper66 said:
I wonder if gay porn rocks her boat?

Well would you shag her up the front entrance?

Double bagger and the back door to be sure methinks. :x
If you were married to one of those doughnut-faced lard-tubes formerly known as Blair's Babes, you'd be jacking off to five quid porn flicks too.

Good Work..
Pissing myself here (not golden showers)

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