Jacqui Smith gets off scott free

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by jagman, Oct 12, 2009.

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  1. Only if it's the working classes :roll:
  2. Is anyone actually surprised by this? Its just a joke.
  3. Is there any surprise there? Still no prosecutions announced for Morley or Chaytor who defrauded the expenses system for non-existant mortgages.
  4. No not surprised, disgusted yes, disappointed yes. Surprised, not in the least

    Meanwhile, in other news MP's are planning on refusing to pay back the money they have stolen from us-


    Thieves, every last stinking, corrupt, leech

    Not much we can do about it but I live next door to a polling station, come the general election there will be a huge poster across my garden fence detailing the expenses of the Labour MP (and party whip) here.
    I shall take a day off work and make sure it stays there. Its not much but its a start.
  5. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Well what a suprise! Caught with her fingers in the proverbial cookie jar & not even a slapped wrist! She has to apologise to the House of Commons...What about an apology to those who elected them,the PUBLIC!?
    No doubt Ashie will be along soon in her defence...
  6. Never mind a fooking apology, I want my money back and the thief prosecuted. Never happen but its what I want, I won't be happy with anything else.
    Thieving bitch
  7. It's not the Commons she should be apologising to, it's us. :x

    Damn, beaten to it.
  8. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Is it possible to take out a private prosecution if no official source is going to do so?

    I don't have anywhere near the resources to do that (and I doubt many have) but it would be nice to see and would waken up quite a few of those robbing bastards.
  9. I doubt we'll see ashie any time soon since he made this comment in another thread about General Dannatt:

    By real world I take it he means Westminster where the public purse is not something to be caressed and protected but plundered for personal gain.
  10. Why does it not surprise me, these people have no honour and have as much in common with the Chav scum that rip the arse out of the benefits system.

    The only way is to sack/shoot/behead/hang the lot and start again. Give them a salary and enforced accomodation such as an old set of barracks say at Woolwich where they can live 4 to a room with communal toilets and showers, damp in the rooms and central heating that only works when the temp outside is in the mid 30's. No expense claims, they have to fund everything themselves.
  11. Oh quelle surprise!
  12. In other news:

    This, just in. Rosemary West has apologised and is due to be released tomorrow.
  13. Im sick to death of people sniping at our MPs they do on the whole a jolly good job, these people have dedicated their lives to public service which is a thanless task at the best of times they recieve far less than they would had they choosen to take their not inconsiderable skills/expertise into the private sector, and when these decent and honest public servants are through sheer financial pressure forced to be a tad cute with the expenses there pilloried and humiliated to the extent some have even been forced to resign, thus depriving the country of their much needed skills ,why not pay them a decent livable salary of say 300k in the first place and then only allow them expenses for the bare essentials of life, i cannot see any rational fair minded person having a issue with that
  14. On the assumption you aren't taking the pish......
    All of these people took u politics as a career by choice, all of them used the oppurtunity to help themselves to money from the public purse.
    You think many of them would survive in the private sector, most of them would be in jail for stealing from their employer
    And you have the barefaced fooking cheek to claim they have been forced into it by through financial pressure????
    What about the rest of us out here in the real world feeling the financial pressure entirely due to the lunatic spending by these very same people who have stolen vast sums of money from us.

    Lets not beat about the bush, it is theft. They obtained money by deception and you claim it is the publics fault? What fooking planet do you live on?