Jacqui Smith facing prosecution?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by vvaannmmaann, Jul 15, 2009.

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  1. won't happen

    mores the pity
    her and the rest of the (dis) honourable members of that cesspit house
  2. A good story, but i very much doubt it will happen, this is because people like these have a "circle of friends" within the British establishment, to stop things like this from happining. --- Need i say anymore?
  3. I doubt she'll even need her circle of friends.

    IIRC the Attorney General, a Labour politician, can take over any private prosecution and stop it.

    It might have been better to wait until a Tory Attorney General is in place. However, given that the Tories had their snouts in the same trough as Jacqui, they might not be keen to set a precedent for allowing private prosecution of MPs.
  4. I rest my case.
  5. Looks like we will have to await the revolution before she gets to swing from a lampost then?
  6. Le_addeur_noir

    Le_addeur_noir On ROPs

    Britain corrupt,quelle horreur!!!

    I thought it was only in corrupt backward countries that washed-up former politicians like jackboots Jacqui were able to evade the justice system.

    Is there an implication here that Britain under Cyclops is in some way corrupt?.

    I wound have never have thought it.
  7. Well... we can always wish........ He'll be leant on by Lord Meddlesomes 'Heavies'..... Probably MI5 Agents will call at 4 am and read him his life story.......!!

    Maybe one day she will write her 'Kiss and Tell' book and blow the gaff on Blair and Brown as to what tossers they really are..... but that is but a dream... :roll: :p
  8. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    But wouldn't it just be SO nice to see that smug expression wiped off her face as she stands in the dock.....
  9. Prosecuted for expenses, not related to her husband's hiring of pornography at the taxpayers' expense?

    Doubt it will happen, and inspite of the Guardian article last week - bless her, I guess popular opinion still sees this for what it is.

    Anyway, rude not to let the opportunity to pass, with reference to Gerald Scarfe. :D

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  10. It would be one to watch, certainly. The permissive rules of the old expenses system mean that claiming whatever amount is not something that the court will have any duristiction over, but if the court could find flipping illegal the effect that would open the gate for many more cases against mps, weather launched by the public or, less realisticly, the so called government. In either case, it would be the most entertaining thing on the telly for a while.
  11. Got to be worth a punt. I've donated my tenner.
  12. HOPEFULLY. As has been said it will never happen. Can you imagine what she would 'spill' if she found herself facing a criminal charge?

    The higher echelon of the 'Met' is an loyal instrument of this failed government and until it, and the government, are cleaned up and swept away, no Labour 'wallah' has anything to fear.
  13. to be fair the porn thing is worth sniggering at only .
    claiming as a grown up politicon in a western country your main residence is a bedsit in your sisters house is pathetic :oops: