Jacqui gets a taste of her ugly snooper state

albimangles said:
I just wonder how many of us have added extra miles when claiming for our own car use at work or added extra hours for overtime we never did.

I know I have done all the above and also charged for hotels I have never stayed in. Deciding to go home or stay in my van instead and pocketing the £75 a night hotel allowance plus the meal allowances.

I think politicians reflect society as a whole we all get away with as much as we can. Very few straight laced people exist any more.
Jacqui Smith is the Home Secretary and as such she is in charge of the police. She must be totally and utterly above reproach in all that she does. Joe Bloggs fiddling a MMA claim is one thing but if the Unit Paymaster did the same, or indeed any member of the pay staff, then they would have the book thrown at them, because they are in a position of trust and must be seen to be honest.
Joe Blogs fiddling his MMA claim faced the fact the a "percentage" was always checked and if he was found out he could not , by any means go blabbing to the paymaster and say . "Sorry it was done in error, should never had been submitted - so fuc off little man and I won't be resigning.

One rule for them one for the rest.

As I stated before. Im afraid but these cuts are in for the long term- so she might be moved sideways in the summer. They "might" lose the next election but will still be there on the other side claiming for the second/first home(the place where their husband (who gets 40 grand a year for wankiing and sticking envelopes down ? what with I wonder?) and kids live ) as a second tax free stone sinked , patio heated tax FREE sponging home.
in_the_cheapseats said:
lsquared said:
Has it passed your notice that the 'slime' masquerading as MPs have 'capped' the prices of 'booze' in their bars in the Palace of Westminster?

What are the next strokes these unprincipled 'no-hopers' are going to pull.

For the cost of this mob, and the 'pretend' peers, we could increase the size of Armed Forces and get them to run the country. At least the nation would be governed by people who were 'wired' to the real world!
And your point is what exactly? Officers and Sergeant's Messes have being doing the same since Adam, much to my liver's chagrin, these days :D
Only last week my Sgts Mess passed a proposition "we shall ignore any raise in duty, and all prices are hereby capped at present values...."

capped and almost at cost are two differnent concepts.

Re houses. If an MP moves in to an official residence and RENTS out his house, then it should be classed as (at the very least) as no longer claimable.... it should be classed as a business and thus an extra income.

Sooner we open an MP Pad the better.
I'm not going to try to defend the indefensible AM. Either Galloway is serving his constituents to their satisfaction or he isn't. Mention has already been made about the Sinn Fein MPs saying that they apparently do a sterling constituency job so perhaps Galloway does the same. Is there a mechanism whereby a sitting MP can be ousted by his constituents mid-term? I should imagine there must be. Certainly I shall be absolutely astounded if Galloway gets re-elected but, more than likely, he'll have made enough to retire anyway.
Galloway's constituent's are, reputedly, raging. He rarely turns up for surgeries and he spends increasing amounts of time in the middle east. Most correspondence that is sent to him never gets a response. Wisely, he has announced that he won't be standing in the next election. No doubt Bethnall will go back to Labour.

Sadly, there is no way that an MP can be 'fired' unless he becomes bankrupt or spends over a year in prison. Both the Tories and Lib Dems have called for US style 'recall' elections so that might change in the next parliament.

George has exploited the fact that MPs can't be fired. It's the cushiest of cushy jobs that has provided George with a six figure, tax free income while he tries to foment a socialist revolution by, err, dressing up in a leotard and making a tw@t of himself on live telly.
To me the classic statement regards MP's expenses would have to be “The People have said it is not acceptable and therefore it will not be accepted. It might be enforceable in a court of law, this contract, but it’s not enforceable in the court of public opinion and that’s where the Military steps in.”...

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