Jackos off to prison

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by SuperTrooper, Apr 7, 2005.

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  1. From yahoo news:

    SANTA MARIA, California (Reuters) - Michael Jackson had oral sex with a young boy at his Neverland Valley Ranch more than 10 years ago, a former security guard has testified.

    Ralph Chacon, who worked the overnight shift at Neverland between 1991 and 1994, told the jury he heard the pop singer and the boy, who was 9 or 10 years old, in the shower and later saw Jackson caressing the boy's hair, kissing him on face and sucking his nipples.

    "He put the little boy's penis in his mouth," Chacon said on Thursday.

    "Did you actually see that?" prosecutor Tom Sneddon asked.

    Dirty fookers gonna get his arrse ripped in prison with any luck
  2. It really isn't looking too good for him now is it 8O

    Still God works in mysterious ways
  3. Yep.... Jacko's gonna need the KY :lol:
  4. I wonder why the guard did not report it to the police at the time?

    Does it not make his revelation now just a bit suspect?

    Anyway, I hope the little sh*t ends up with a long stretch and hard labour.
  5. I completely agree. If this is a true story, not only why didn't he report it, but why didn't he do something about it? I.e. go over there & knock 10 shades of shite out of the kiddy-fiddler. :evil:
  6. Snapper wrote
    Yep.... Jacko's gonna need the KY

    Hope the t.w.a.t. gets Firey Jack.
    put a luster on his cluster.
  7. I can think of loads of reasons, minimum wage and no reference from your former employer. America is a hard place to get a job if you can't back up your employment history. Perhaps now the guard realises it's time to set the past straight and not have to face the consequences of his family going without......

    Beebs x
  8. I appreciate what you're saying Beebs & I'm not a mother like you, but the idea of people abusing kids just makes me flip & the fact that this adult may have looked on whilst a child was suffering isn't something I can reconcile. :evil:
  9. Me either, I believe he, the guard, and all the others now coming forward are as guilty as Jackson is and should face the courts as accessories before, during and after the fact for their silence has allowed a sick practice to continue for over a known decade.

    But as devils advocate I can see the thinking.

    Beebs x
  10. Even if, due to job oppertunities, he did not knock the cr*p out of him that is no excuse for not heading straight for the local nick and informing the police of what he had witnessed!

    I find it hard to believe that a straight law abiding citizen would not open his mouth about such an incident, to wait until it goes to court is unacceptible. Or is he just hoping to make his fortune by selling the story to the worlds media?
  11. Probably because money talks and justice walks in scepticland, plus Jacko is (allegedly) afro American (i.e. the OJ trial)

    Still an accessory to a crime however.
  12. apprantly the guard got done for stealing $25000 but as the kid was given millions to keep quiet I think the evidence is beginning to mount up :cry: