Jacko rushed to hospital

Silent_Scope said:

Pop star Michael Jackson has been taken to a medical centre in Los Angeles, US media reports say.

Local broadcaster KABC has said the singer was taken to the UCLA Medical Center.

The reason for his admission is not clear. More to follow.

Heart attack according to sky, he wasn't breathing when paramedics arrived.
Skin cancer apparently......................all together now - 'Don't blame it on sunshine don't............. :wink:
FiveAlpha said:
Latest news is Jacko died of heart releated problems.
....anything to get out of the O2 gigs. Not dead though.


FiveAlpha said:
Latest news is Jacko died of heart releated problems.
A bus load of nurses had turned up for his concert. He had a massive seizure over the trauma - he'd ordered the bus from the nursery.
As you were..... he is dead.

Atleast Thriller will look realistic
The KABC site that broke the story has it filed under "Entertainment"...


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Fugly said:
Gary Glitter must be rubbing his hands with glee now the main rival is out the way.
Your dismissal of Jonathan King is a bit previous. He's due for a revival.
Scene: Cabinet Office

Present: Mr Brown, Mr Darling, Ms Smith and a cast of supernumaries.

Mr Brown: We're in the brown (sic) and smelly stuff here. These accusations will run and run. How can we get the media off our backs?

Mr Darling: We need a scandal at high level.

Mr Brown: We already have a scandal at high level: the story is all about us!

Ms Smith: Reading "Heat". Well, we could ask a sleb to do something strange.

Mr Brown: What, ask Peter Andre and Jordan to break up again? I could do another sympathy interview for Good Morning!

Ms Smith: No, we need something stronger than that. Which popstars are playing Glastonbury... or the O2 Centre?

You get the drift? I reckon the PM has asked MJ to do the deed on behalf of the Government!

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